What are the important lessons that you can learn from studying abroad?

  1. Social intelligence carries the same importance as academic intelligence
  2. Strong self-confidence can come from dealing with new problems alone
  3. You are responsible for your own learning



Students who enter into foreign exchange programs or finish schooling at international colleges in the Philippines and other countries are faced with unique problems. Because of these challenges, they also bring home important lessons that students in domestic colleges do not necessarily experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable lessons that can be acquired from studying abroad:



Social intelligence and academic intelligence are equal in importance

Social intelligence and academic intelligence are equal in importance

If you meet a new country’s people for the first time, you automatically notice what makes them different from you. It can be a very awkward experience, especially if you’re the shy type who doesn’t interact with his or her classmates a lot.

Most students think that a school is a place where all you learn are academic skills. This is false because if that were the case, we would all be unemotional robots. School is where kids start learning to get along with people who may not have the same background as them. After some time, they become used to form bonds with anyone, and in turn, become socially intelligent.

When you look back in history, you start to realize that the educational institution always prioritized social intelligence. After the end of World War 2, President Roosevelt encouraged his people to pursue foreign exchange programs because he wanted to America to become a more tolerant country so that it would never experience war. For him, a smart nation needed to know its neighbors and understand their hopes and dreams. Afterward, several nations would follow for the sake of improving international relations.


Strong self-confidence can come from dealing with new problems alone

It’s really easy to be anxious over many things in the age of social media. When you look at someone’s profile, you may be tempted to assume that their life is better than yours. They are able to pursue experiences like traveling and that you’re missing out on a lot of things. Maybe, the only thing stopping you is a lack of confidence.

Life will always be filled with hardships, and self-confidence is a trait that helps us manage these problems. No matter how bad it gets, we should have a belief in our capabilities to overcome any obstacle that goes our way. Also, letting everything scare you is not mentally healthy.

Every choice you make, no matter how right they are, will have always have their own hardships. But these do not make the choices any less valuable and you need to go through them to gain something positive.

Adults who are studying culinary arts courses or courses with food-related units are usually recommended by parents and superiors to have some cooking experience abroad because it will give them an edge when they graduate. This could be through restaurant internships or a certification for a short course. For example, a Filipino who wants to specialize in pastries could look for a restaurant internship in France because the country is well known for their desserts.

Enderun Colleges partners frequently with other overseas schools so that their students have an easier time learning in a different country. A prestigious partnership with Les Roches International School of Hotel Management allows international hospitality Management students to complete a certificate in Hospitality Operations while they are completing their major.

Most students pursue these chances alone. It’s exciting to learn skills that can be helpful in the future, but living in a new place independently means you’re going to have only yourself to depend on when challenges arise. You may need to learn a new language so you can approach locals and practice budgeting money better. International colleges in the Philippines and other countries introduce challenges that force you to become more confident in dealing with life.



You are responsible for your own learning 

You are responsible for your own learning

You are not supposed to study and work hard for the sake of others’ approval, whether that be your teachers, parents, or peers.  You do these because you want to help yourself in the future and you genuinely want to learn.

Whether you study in an international college in the Philippines or otherwise, culinary arts courses and other majors definitely come with their own distinct challenges and difficulties. But the most important idea to realize is that the lessons that you acquire from your educational experience outside the classroom are just as valuable as what you learn inside.

You realize that school is more than just getting high marks. You still strive to study, despite the hardships, because it will make you a better employee or business owner and overall, a better person. Every working adult will tell you that graduation is not the end of learning because the world keeps on developing.



Key Takeaway

Studying abroad is a good opportunity for any student to take because it offers valuable, pragmatic and universal life lessons. With an open mind and heart, learning how to adapt to a different setting and cultural backdrop instills a greater nuance and appreciation for life itself.