Mission & Teaching Philosophy

ENDERUN aims to graduate students with the academic training, professional competencies, and character required for success in today’s complex world, by offering international-caliber degree programs that combine management theory and practical experience in a values-rich learning environment.


ENDERUN TQM (Total Quality Management) is recognized as a dominant Management and Educational System consistently providing world-class quality service through continuous training and development of its various resources.

ENDERUN TQM integrates the most contemporary theoretical and conceptual knowledge with industry best practices in a modern learning environment resulting in optimal placement of managerial and entrepreneurial graduates, fulfilling demands of top global employers and various business opportunities. These generate consistent satisfaction of Enderun’s customers – its students and their families, while fulfilling the various expectations and demands of its shareholders and other stakeholders.

ENDERUN TQM assures its continuous improvement through collaborative strategic planning and implementation of effective, efficient and ethical quality management systems.

COMMITMENT: Enderun is committed to the highest international standards of Academic Excellence centered on its graduates and other stakeholders.
STUDENT LIFE: Enderun is committed to the Holistic Formation and Development of its students through various curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and external student services.
FACULTY: Members of Enderun’s Faculty are a diverse team of academics and industry professionals with international experience and strong credentials.
SUSTAINABILITY: Enderun adopts various sustainability principles in all aspects of education, research, business strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement using the Enderun Sustainability Policy, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
FACILITIES: Enderun is committed to provide world class facilities to foster a top level learning environment and support high caliber programs.
LEADERSHIP: Enderun’s various levels of management thrive on passionate and result-oriented leadership possessing qualities of loyalty, camaraderie and respect.
Teaching Policy
Patterned after accepted global education modules, Enderun faculty revolves around industry-specific courses that develop within students the intellectual breadth and technical experience needed in today’s dynamic business environments. The teaching styles are similar to industry corporate management trainings involving theory, history and practice while anchored on technical sciences and humanities. Enderun’s teaching framework instills in its students key concepts and learning experiences, further enriching them with actual and practical experiences. With emphasis on student-centered learning, students are also given opportunities for experiential-learning both in and out of the campus through laboratory and online modules, field trips and educational tours, and industry-based internships. This learning-by-doing approach strengthens academic perspectives, and contributes to the students’ personal insights and maturity.
Research Policy
Enderun Colleges is a center of research excellence with the capacity to evolve and redefine its intellectual assets and resources. It proactively responds to the needs of the ever-changing landscape of various academic environments, imbued with the social responsibility of developing and nurturing human and community potentials. Acting as a strategic leverage, the Research Department of Enderun Colleges propagates the intellectual mindset essential in developing and sustaining research momentum and production. It further aims to institutionalize a research driven culture composed of collaborative partnerships with various research teams, faculty, staff, students and industry partners.
Research is an integral part of professional course requirement that will be led by the dean and faculty members. Efforts will be exerted to orient research studies toward the following:
  • Original research done by our faculty and non-teaching personnel
  • Research studies that are oriented to promote values, advocating social upliftment, enriching Philippine culture, and adding to existing knowledge in the field of knowledge in the courses taught at Enderun.
  • Output must have outstanding importance in terms of scope and impact (far reaching results)
  • Have conclusions that are of interest to readers, industry partners and the institutions with whom we will share our research publications.
  • Quality research work that will demonstrate research excellence.
CSR Policy
Enderun SOCD (Social Orientation & Community Development) is a continuous commitment of the institution toward ethical practices to build and design programs that are creative, scalable, and responsive to today’s local and globalized concerns. It is universal and integrated across all courses, majors, specializations and subjects that transforms the students, faculty, and staff as agents of progressive change for the world today. SOCD progresses the Enderun community to embrace the purpose of social responsibility to serve society, to enhance well-being, and to support ecological and community life-support systems. In return, Enderun graduates captivate the culture of positive change and make contributions to the society.