What are the most common degree programs that most international colleges can offer?

  1. Business
  2. Law
  3. Design
  4. Economics
  5. Culinary Arts



International colleges around the Philippines are very well-known with a lot of Filipino students, especially those who come to the country just to study. International colleges in the Philippines are known by many to be some of the most esteemed colleges in the country—and with various degree programs for anyone to choose from, there are more and more opportunities for students to grab!

In any case, opportunities are what make international colleges in the Philippines so highly reputable, and that alone can definitely attract students to study under their wings! For those of you who wish to take the leap with these colleges, here are some of the best degree programs that most international colleges in the Philippines can offer you:




One of the most recognizable degree programs that are offered by many international colleges around the world is none other than a business degree! Business can take on a lot of variations, or in this case, a lot of specific fields that students can major in when they study business.

If there’s one thing, however, that really puts business above most is that they are able to offer their students numerous opportunities to work abroad. In the Philippines, many business students of international colleges have the chance to work, or even intern for the country’s ‘Fortune 500’ companies, otherwise known as the top, elite companies any aspiring graduate wishes to work for!

Another thing that makes a business program stand out when it comes to international degrees is that many of their students are able to gain as much as experience as they need for the world their about to work in the future through various methods that can test their skills as a business student. Some of these tests include research, planning, and execution, all of which are based on real-life scenarios of the business world that are taught by some of the industry’s best professionals! Plus, as mentioned before, students can choose what branch or field of business they would want to major in when they graduate, making it one of the most diverse degree programs they can offer for their students!





Some international colleges around the world welcome international students to study law, which can be different depending on the country they are studying in. When it comes to studying law in the Philippines, there are certain things to take note of, such as studying the bill of rights, business law, and other aspects that you may encounter when you’re a lawyer—and with that, international law students can learn substantially more.

Besides learning of the country’s politics, international law students can learn more about international law and other international politics, which is definitely fitting given the curricular that international colleges in the Philippines can showcase!




A design program is one of the best courses that the creative student can thrive in! Like the previous two degrees that were mentioned in this article, there is more than meets the eye with studying design in any college!

For instance, while design programs are seen as an arts degree, it can actually apply to a multitude of aspects for anyone to study in, such as advertising, marketing, fashion, and others of the sort. Either way, if you wish to study this program in any international college you choose, that would be a great way of honing your skills as an artist!





Since business has already been discussed when it comes to some of the best degree programs that international colleges can offer, economics is another great example of such!

It goes without saying that economics is the program that future economists would want to pursue, especially when it understanding the world economy as a whole. For international students who wish to learn this in their colleges, there’s no need to worry as you’ll be able to have this program as your option!



Culinary Arts

Like most courses showcased in international colleges, the culinary arts program is another great course to study! Although not that specialized in most international colleges, this can allow you to study all aspects of culinary arts!

But, when it comes to the many advantages one can look forward to when studying culinary arts, one that every student can definitely look forward to is none other than getting to study in some of the most premier culinary institutions around the world! Who knows? Maybe some students will be able to get to work for notable chefs when they graduate!



Key Takeaway

International colleges around the Philippines can be just as generous as others in the world—and with your options being broadened, there is definitely no shortage courses you can choose from! So, if you’re going to choose to study in an international college, why not take any of these 5 courses into consideration?