Message from the Founder
Ed Rodriguez, PhD

message from the founder

For the past two decades since we started Enderun Colleges, our institution has flourished as a beacon of educational excellence, particularly in hotel administration, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, and management. Today, our academic horizons have broadened even further to include architecture, interior design, and multimedia, reflecting our commitment to evolve with the changing times.

At Enderun, we pride ourselves on being more than just an institution. We are a melting pot of diverse cultures and ideas, with students from around the globe. This unique blend of perspectives is the cornerstone of our experience-based education, meticulously crafted to prepare you for an international career. Our curriculum is not just about learning; it is about experiencing. It is designed to open a world of opportunities, possibilities, and groundbreaking ideas, setting you on a path to become not just a participant in the global arena but a leader.

Our focus on real-world training is unwavering. Whether through our robust management, hospitality, culinary, business programs, or design programs, you will be immersed in practical and hands-on learning experiences that transcend traditional classroom boundaries. We encourage our students to cultivate a mindset of critical and independent thinking– skills that are invaluable in today’s competitive global landscape.

The heart of Enderun’s educational excellence lies in our international faculty. Comprising dynamic, ambitious, and seasoned industry practitioners, they bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive exposure in their respective fields are inspiring and instrumental in molding our students into globally competitive professionals.

As we continue strengthening Enderun as the premier choice for outstanding students, I invite you to explore our vibrant campus and discover the plethora of exciting and diverse programs we offer. Remember, at Enderun, you are not just joining a college, you are becoming part of a community that values dreams and aspires to turn them into reality.

Your journey here will be one of discovery, growth, and success, and I look forward to your participation. Welcome to Enderun Colleges, where your future begins.

Daniel H. Perez

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Enderun Colleges