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The Enderun Colleges Office of Career Services empowers students to excel in their chosen fields and champions their aspirations. Enderun provides premier programs, resources, and services to enable students to stand out, whether they decide to build their careers, pursue graduate or professional education, or become influential figures within their communities, all within the dynamic, global environment of the college.

The primary mission of the Office of Career Services is to champion students to the world at large, serving their greater good. Students are invited to embark on a journey of academic and professional growth, where success knows no bounds. Explore how Enderun Colleges’ Office of Career Services can guide students toward a brighter future.


Enderun Colleges highly values putting theory into practice outside the classrooms. Its mission is to connect students with internships that match their training needs and align with their career goals.

The Internship Program is designed to help students apply what they’ve learned in real-world settings, competing on a global level. Through their network of Industry Partners, they offer intensive and top-notch internships, providing valuable work experience and professional skills. To graduate, students must complete two (2) internships. These opportunities expose them to different environments and experiences, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

At Enderun, students enjoy the freedom to explore internships beyond Enderun’s industry partners. They have the flexibility to seek internships in companies of their choice. Additionally, they can collaborate with the Office of Career Services to identify and jointly pursue opportunities with their preferred companies.


BS Economics Class of 2022

Alex Rabaya

In 2021, I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of JP Morgan’s Corporate Analyst Development Program summer interns in the APAC region. My internship remains a top-tier college experience because I was able to get a glimpse of what it was like to work for a prestigious bank and receive mentorship and guidance from networks and colleagues all around the globe. It was a delightful experience overall – challenging but extremely rewarding at the same time. The firm has showed me the value of working for a brand that strives to deliver first class business for all, and in a multitude of ways, has honed me to become someone able to contribute to that mission. The journey did not stop there as I pursued a more permanent role with the bank in the Operations space right after graduation.Thanks to mobility opportunities within the firm, I’m now working at one of our Cebu offices under the Corporate and Investment Banking line of business.

BS Economics, Class of 2020

John Tamayo

Throughout my internship journey, I received exceptional support from the Enderun Colleges’ approachable Office of Career Services and my dedicated internship adviser, Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez. Their extensive network and industry expertise facilitated valuable connections, and nurtured my growth as a well-rounded young professional. Their guidance and resources were instrumental in helping me navigate challenges and seize opportunities during my internships. I also developed a strong moral compass, with Dr. Rodriguez always emphasizing the value of daring to be different and making a difference. Enderun Colleges indeed empowers its students for future-ready and globally competitive career paths, and I’m deeply grateful for the enriching internship experiences they provided me and my fellow Titans.

Accenture Internship

Glen Dellera, BSBA-TM Class of 2019

Spending three months in the technology industry and surrounding myself with people from different backgrounds was both a great and challenging experience. It provided me with new skills, taught me many know-hows in the work and brought me several opportunities to jump start my career. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice if you encounter any roadblocks and technical blockers. You may also learn things from them.

The school may provide the knowledge and skillset to arm ourselves with in our future career but the internship is where we get our first opportunity to engage in real, hands-on work.Never stop taking a leap of faith as you learn something new everyday.

Allard, Paris, France

Suzzette Bautista

Enderun provided me with everything I needed and ensured I was equipped with all the skills required to fulfill my internship program. From the recipes and ingredients that I had to memorize, the kitchen tools and equipment that I had to be familiar with, to the kitchen manners that were instilled in us, including upholding a positive attitude amid pressure, the teamwork gave me the motivation to work to the best of my ability.


At Enderun, the central focus is on forging meaningful partnerships and establishing the groundwork for both professional achievements and personal fulfillment. Enderun has cultivated collaborations with prominent international corporations, burgeoning startups, and influential figures within various industries, seamlessly bridging the gap between academia and the professional world. The Office of Career Services plays a pivotal role in leveraging these partnerships to furnish students and alumni with indispensable career guidance and support. Enderun students gain a distinct advantage from the College’s extensive network of industry alliances. These partnerships, intricately aligned with student concentrations, constitute an integral component of each academic track’s ecosystem.

Corporations collaborate with Enderun to ensure that the College’s educational pursuits are aligned with the most current industry demands. They contribute insights for curriculum enrichment, facilitate guest lectures, and provide avenues for student internships. Moreover, the Office of Career Services actively scouts for viable job opportunities across the global landscape, working alongside industry partners to pinpoint employment openings tailored for graduates.
More than 900 industry partners
33 countries as internship destinations

Some of the Top Companies Providing Internship Opportunities

Industry Partner Testimonal

Aidea,Inc. is a global integrated design and technology practice that creates transformative solutions for the building industry through its partnerships, innovations, and pioneering technologies. With over 800 projects in 90 cities in 60 countries across 5 continents, Aidea ranks 45th in the World Architecture 100’s annual survey of the world’s biggest architecture practices.


The Office of Career Services takes pride in handling the following for our growing community:

  • Internship Assistance & Placement
  • Career Support and Consultations
  • Skill Seminars, Success Series, and Other Regular Events
  • Enderun Alumni Association


Success Series

Enderun’s ‘Success Series’ event gathers accomplished entrepreneurs, business leaders, hospitality influencers, and political figures at Enderun Colleges. Through informal talks, they share insights about their journeys, management styles, and success strategies, offering students a global perspective and preparing them for successful careers. This platform introduces aspiring young individuals to inspirational figures who embody entrepreneurial excellence, exceptional business prowess, and commendable civic virtues, fostering an environment of idea exchange and essential skill development.

Guest Lecture Series

Enderun’s Guest Lecture Series creates a valuable avenue for professionals to step into the classroom and delve into their areas of expertise. Collaborating seamlessly, professors from various colleges and the Office of Career Services join forces to engage professionals in elucidating subjects covered in coursework, offering insights into their practical applications and real-world implications.

Professional Development Seminars

Throughout the year, the office organizes a range of seminars dedicated to enhancing the professional growth of both students and alumni. These seminars encompass a spectrum of themes, including skill-focused workshops and sessions centered around personality development.

On-Site Recruitment

This event showcases a diverse array of both local and international Industry Partners and companies that are actively seeking to engage students and alumni for internships or full-time employment opportunities. Condensed into a single day, this recruitment initiative serves to amplify the visibility of available internship positions and career prospects within the recruiting entities. The morning session features a presentation by the company’s principal, delving into the corporate profile and mission of the organization, followed by in-person interviews.

Gain insight into Enderun’s students by directly recruiting for internship positions and job openings right here on campus. Present your company, expound on your specific requirements face-to-face, and conduct on-the-spot interviews with potential candidates!

Internship Fairs

The Internship Fair serves as a platform to offer prospective interns a firsthand preview of the training experience with a specific employer. Attended by both students and alumni, former interns oversee individual booths representing distinct entities, sharing firsthand accounts and testimonials with those seeking internships. These narratives shed light on their journey and the immersive programs they engaged in. The booths encompass a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from hospitality, business, and governmental bodies to local and international NGOs

Career Fairs

The Career Fair, often likened to a ‘speed dating’ experience for both companies and job seekers, acts as a dynamic event where employers, recruiters, and educational institutions present details about the range of job openings to aspiring employees. Simultaneously, job seekers participate with the intention of forming favorable connections with potential colleagues and supervisors through direct interactions. This involves engaging in personal conversations, submitting resumes, and inquiring about roles to gain a deeper understanding of the job requirements and the overall work environment.


Who can I approach regarding any problems that I may encounter during the entire internship process?
You can always approach any member of the OCS at any time during the internship process. You may also approach your internship adviser throughout the internship for tips, advice, and/or guidance.
What are the most popular international internship spots that are being offered according to my major?
Culinary Students: France and the USA – Hotel Administration Students: USA, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, and South Korea. – Business Students: USA and Hong Kong
Will the Office of Career Services help me build my CV?
Yes, the OCS will definitely be helping you in building your CV. They provide resumé writing workshops along with resumé consultations and editing. Please know that you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with a career services team member to start building your CV!
How many internships do I have to take?
Students are required to complete a total of two internships.
How many hours do I need to complete my internship?
At least 300 hours for the 1st internship and at least 400 hours for the 2nd internship, you will need to find opportunities that meet or exceed these minimum hour requirements. However, if a company’s policy mandates completing more hours than the specified minimums, you should adhere to their policy.
If I take an internship abroad, who will pay for my visa application, airfare, housing/accommodation fee, etc?
The student will pay for all expenses including, but not limited to: visa application fee, airfare, housing, food, and laundry.
What if I only took 1 internship?
You won’t be able to graduate as it’s a school requirement to take 2 internships