What are the best countries for Filipino students to study in?

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. United States
  4. Japan
  5. United Kingdom



Being able to study abroad is an opportunity many Filipino students wish to gain! Luckily, those studying in international colleges around the Philippines can get that chance! When it comes to being able to study abroad, there are several things to take into consideration, mainly which country would be the best to study in.

There are several countries one can choose from to study in, especially those that are offered by international colleges in the Philippines as part of their respective programs. Nonetheless, being able to have that opportunity to study abroad would be great and a blessing for everyone!

As mentioned already, there are several countries that would be great for Filipino students to study in. Here are 5 of the best countries to take into consideration:




Canada is a country that’s filled with a lot of positivity and culture, especially when it comes to their education system. Their education system currently follows the K-12 system, afterward allowing their students to choose between attending University, College, or CeGep, which is a vocational course that lasts 2-3 years!

Canada is especially great for Filipino students as it allows them to mingle in a system that’s already known to them. Plus, there are numerous education benefits one may avail for, especially for foreign exchange students such as yourself—and if you’re able to avail for a scholarship to study abroad, that’s even better!





When it comes to one of the most accessible countries in terms of travel, work, and education, Australia is another great country for Filipino students to study in! Their education system is known for focusing on human development, which is great for students who wish to learn at their own pace. Also, Australia is a great country to study post-graduate courses in, making it one of the countries that can offer more for students who wish to learn more!

Another of Australia’s highlights is that being able to study there can be easy to do so, especially for students of international colleges in the Philippines. With that said, most international colleges around the Philippines are partnered with some of Australia’s esteemed universities and colleges, making it easier for their students and other aspiring students from different walks of life to gain a scholarship to study in Australia!



United States

What makes this country great for studying is that numerous Filipinos already reside there, making accommodations for many Filipino students easier to handle. Also, the education system in this country, like most countries that have been mentioned in this article, is known for their system, namely the K-12 system. For those who wish to study abroad, this may be a good country to start in!

This is also great for students of international colleges who wish to learn more about the business industry, namely marketing, accounting finance, entrepreneurship, etc. There are several corporations that are partnered up with international colleges in the Philippines that offer students the chance to intern for them, and maybe in the future, work for them. So, why not take the chance and study in the US for further learning?





Japan is another great addition to this list as not only is it close to home, which is in Asia, but their education system has accommodated many Filipinos as well over the years, making it easier for many Filipino students to study in this country! Studying in Japan means opening yourself up to an illuminatingly cosmopolitan educational experience.

Japanese universities and colleges, like most countries that have been mentioned here, are also partnered up with international colleges in other countries, offering their students the chance to be able to study under them and go further than they’ve ever been! The beauty and allures of the Japanese culture make for the perfect backdrop to understanding more about the world by refining our learning.



United Kingdom

This country is arguably one of the more difficult ones to study in, let alone get a chance to do so. Despite the difficulties it may pose, being able to study in the UK can be great for every Filipino student around!

Their degree programs, which hail from different colleges and universities, are recognized worldwide, and their education systems are more than enough to guarantee progress on their students’ ends! Plus, many of the UK’s premier colleges and universities are partnered with Philippine international colleges, making it easier for students to apply for scholarships to study in the UK!



Key Takeaway

These 5 countries are great for any Filipino student to study in! Whether it be in terms of scholarship, or foreign exchange programs, being able to study abroad is an opportunity unlike any other!

Though admittedly, there really is no place like home, studying abroad can open up a lot of opportunities for each and every student! As long as they preserve and stay grounded, their academic achievements will all be worth it!