What are the top languages to learn about when studying abroad?

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Arabic



Studying abroad can be one of the best opportunities for anyone to have, as you probably may have heard in different articles of the same context. Thanks to international colleges in the Philippines and other parts of the world, their students are presented with numerous chances for them to study abroad, and/or at least to further their studies overseas.

In any case, being able to study abroad entails more learning than usual—and not just in the academic sense. With that being said, being able to study overseas can call for further studies of the country’s language, which in turn can enable total immersion for the foreign exchange student!

Language studies can be essential for foreign exchange students such as yourself. It allows you to communicate better with the citizens of that country should you want to get around in your free time, while at the same time, allowing you to make your learning worthwhile in communicating with your classmates and professors in a better way.

Of course, there are certain languages that are best suited for many foreign exchange students. Here are some of the top 5 languages to learn when studying abroad:




While this is known as a universal language, this applies especially to students who don’t speak English. English is actually one of the perfect languages for any foreign exchange student around the world since it not only widens up communication to massive proportions, the language also serves as a great gateway for learning a new language since there are numerous English translations to learn a different language from.




Japan is another great country to study in, whether it be for your undergraduate degree or post-graduate studies. With that said, studying in Japan can take you to a lot of places, or in Japan’s case, a lot of different provinces in the country besides its capital, Tokyo.

The Japanese language is also known as one of the most disciplines languages around as each word is said in a certain way. Plus, there are other things to learn; for instance, the concepts of kanji and hiragana are essential parts in learning the Japanese language, especially when it comes to reading and writing in the language. Either way, if you’re looking for an extra push when studying in Japan, why not take a crack at their language? You’ll have all the discipline you need!





When it comes to studying abroad, one of the most ideal continents for a student to want to study under is none other than Europe! Being able to study in Europe is a dream for most foreign exchange students (thanks to numerous international colleges around the Philippines)—and when it comes to at least some of their most recognizable locations, Germany is a good place to go!

Many of the world’s central business capitals originate from Europe, Germany included—and with that, learning the German can be great for furthering your horizons when studying in Europe. Plus, the more you learn German, the better you’ll be able to communicate with your potential associates there!




One of the most recognizable achievements that most international colleges around the Philippines, most notably Enderun Colleges, is getting the opportunity to study in one of the most culturally rich locations of the world: France! French is known as one of the most extravagant, elegant, and undeniably complex languages ever known! The enunciation for many of their words can be hard to execute at first, but with further study, one can master the language in no time!

Another thing that makes French one of the best languages to learn when studying abroad is the fact that this language is immensely helpful for culinary students. Another advantage of Enderun Colleges and other international colleges around the Philippines that offer culinary arts is that they offer their students the chance to learn in France, which in turn, broadens their opportunities for the culinary industry!





The Philippines and the Middle East are known for their close working relations, with the latter welcoming Filipinos to work for and with them, as well to study under their stead! That being said, learning Arabic can be another great learning opportunity for any student to take since it helps better the communication process between the local dialect and Filipino students and workers.

Ultimately, it is most important to point out that the recurring theme of this article has primarily been about the strong bridge that learning a different language is to have a more nuanced approach towards learning and interworking relations.



Key Takeaway

These 5 languages to learn when studying abroad can really make your studying worthwhile! One of the most important things to learn about, both in and out of the classroom, is none other than communication—and with these languages in store for you, studying abroad will be as easy as you would want it to be!