UCLA Extension

Enderun Colleges is proud to announce its academic collaboration with UCLA Extension, allowing our students to learn first-hand from some of the best educators in the world. UCLA Extension instructors will livestream their classes straight into Enderun classrooms, providing students a unique way to learn and interact with their international instructors.

Enderun Colleges now offers credit-bearing courses within its degree programs in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, data science, and design. These courses provide students with future-driven competencies that are in-demand in various industries globally.

This collaborative effort with UCLA Extension will navigate the students’ capability as job creators rather than job seekers. Courses like Data Science Fundamentals and Digital Marketing are available for students under the College of Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economics.

Students in the College of Architecture and Design will also receive the excellence that comes with a UCLA-approved curriculum in subjects like Design Thinking and Design Entrepreneurship. They will learn to recognize their skills and passion in order to position themselves in the market and manage the thriving business of design.

Enderun degree programs accepting UCLA Extension academic credits include:

UCLA has been named the No. 1 public university in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in its annual “Best Colleges” rankings.

Students of Enderun Colleges receive the following benefits from the collaboration:

  • Synchronous classes with a UCLA Extension professor through Canvas, UCLA Extension’s online platform. Broadcasted live into Enderun classrooms
  • Academic credits from UCLA Extension
  • UCLA Extension Record of Participation for each course
  • UCLA Extension official transcript of records
  • UCLA Extension units*

*X 400 to X 499
Generally post-baccalaureate credit-bearing courses and lecture series in professional fields; designed in content, focus, and presentation style to standards of instruction used in degree programs. Credit earned in these courses may lead to the award of formal certificates by UCLA Extension, and may be transferable for advanced standing in degree programs in professional studies elsewhere, subject to the procedures of the receiving institution.


DESMA X 481.55 | Design Thinking (4-units)
Design thinking is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your insights, thinking skills, and ability to innovate as a designer. Informed by Stanford’s d.school, this multi-disciplinary process strengthens familiar skills that are often undervalued. You learn to launch successful and innovative design solutions across the spectrum of media, including web, print, and packaging. Class topics include prototyping and testing, rapid iteration, radical collaboration, empathetic observation, interviewing for empathy, persona mapping, assuming a beginner’s mindset, introduction of complex problems, and testing and observation. Weekly assignments encourage you to learn by doing and take you through a series of hands-on exercises. The goal of design thinking is not simply to innovate but also to create innovators. By the end of the class, you will see solutions that would otherwise be invisible, which become what we call “innovation.”
DESMA X 479.8B | Special Topics: Design Entrepreneurship (4-units)
Design finds and solves problems. It is at the intersection of art and business, and the successful designer knows how to navigate between the two. Design is a vast field, and successful designers learn to target toward their interest and strengths in order to thrive. In this class, students learn to position themselves, target their portfolios and communications toward select design markets, and learn the business side of design. Topics include freelance best practices, scoping opportunities in the vast market of design, positioning yourself to have a strong voice in targeted markets, and exposure to industry professionals to understand firsthand where the demand is for talent in the design field.
COM SCI X 450.00 | Data Science Fundamentals (4-units)
This course is for students with limited or no prior programming, statistics, and data analytics knowledge. This course is ideal for absolute beginners, business analysts, or non-tech managers who want to acquire a basic working knowledge of data science. In this course, students learn the role of data science in decision-making, basic statistics, entry-level python programming, and data analytics using tools such as Excel, SPSS, and Python. This is a hands-on, exercise-driven course. Students work on problem-solving exercises using pencils and paper, as well as their laptops during and outside of the class.
MGMT X 460.394 | Digital Marketing (4-units)
The Internet, the digital revolution, and the move toward an information-based economy are dramatically changing business and the way products are marketed and sold. To be more successful in this “new marketing world,” business people need to understand what is changing and how to use the new tools to their optimal advantage. This course is for both veteran marketers who want to understand the new tools available through the Internet and those who are comfortable with Internet applications and the digital world but want to learn the marketing fundamentals as they apply to the Internet.