With Specialization in Hospitality
Business Administration

Tour the glamorous streets of Paris, New York, Tokyo, and the rest of the globe when you take Enderun Colleges’ Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality program.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality program is designed to mold students into the next leaders and trendsetters in hospitality. By combining the spirit of Filipino hospitality and a global curriculum, students are equipped with the key skills required to excel in all facets of the hospitality industry, from the general management of international five-star hotels to starting their own luxury travel businesses.

The program goes beyond theories and concepts. It challenges students to be collaborative, analytical, and future-driven in an effort to elevate the global standards of the hospitality industry. As a result, many of our graduates have gone on to forge fulfilling careers here and abroad, with several graduates winning global awards.

Future Careers

  • Hotel Group Regional Manager
  • Hotel General Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Food Group Director
  • PR and Events Director
  • Director for Cruise Operations
  • Events Director
  • Travel Agency Entrepreneur
  • MICE Coordinator and Manager
  • Concert Organizer


At Enderun Colleges, all bachelor’s degree candidates must complete two industry internships, the first during their sophomore year and the second in their senior year. The Office of Career Services coordinates with its growing number of local and international Industry Partners to ensure that internships offer genuine learning and networking opportunities that complement classroom perspectives and enhance student career prospects.

Our Business Administration students specializing in Hospitality have taken life-changing internship opportunities all over the world, including France, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, Korea, the UK, and the U.S. As a result, our students are able to accrue comprehensive real-world experience on the international stage, setting themselves apart from their peers and laying the foundation for a global career.

Curriculum & Course Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for effective problem solving and critical thinking in the dynamic field of hospitality management.
First Year
Semester 1

BC 109-0 Stats & Data Analytics (with UCLA COMSCI X 450 Data Sci Fund) 3
BC 102-0 Basic Microeconomics 3
GE 111-0 Purposive Communication 3
GE 112-0 Understanding the Self 3
GE 113-0 Mathematics in the Modern World 3
GE 119-0 Contemporary World 3
TC 101-1 Macro Perspective of Tourism & Hospitality 3
END 101-0 Enderun Experience : Level 1 1
PE 101-0 Fundamentals of Physical Fitness 2

Semester 2

SU 500-0 Special Topics in Sustainability 3
BC 209-0 Business Law – Obligations and Contracts 3
OM 201-0 Environmental Management System 3
GE 117-0 Ethics (with Peace Education) 3
GE 115-0 Readings in Philippine History (with IP Studies) 3
GE 116-0 Science, Technology and Society 3
END 102-0 Enderun Experience: Level 2 1
PE 110-0 Physical Fitness 2 2
Second Year
Semester 1

BC 101-0 Intermediate Mktg Mgt (with UCLA MGMT X 460 Digital Mktg) 3
BC 211-1 Human Resource Management 3
HC 121-1 Fundamentals in Lodging Operations 3
OM 202-1 Inventory Management and Control 3
GE 114-0 Art Appreciation 3
GE 122-0 Literature 3
Gen Ed Elec 1 Foreign Language 1 3
GE 122-0 Enderun Experience : Level 3 1
PE 201-0 Physical Fitness 3 2

Semester 2

HA 510-1 Special Topics in Hotel Administration 3
BC 206-0 Operations Management 3
BC 210-1 International Trade and Agreements 3
FM 202-1 Financial Management – Advanced 3
OM 305-1 Logistics Management 3
OM 306-1 Facilities Management
Gen Ed Elec 2 Foreign Language 2 3
END 104-0 Enderun Experience : Level 4 1
PE 210-0 Physical Fitness 4 2
Third Year
Semester 1

BC 103-0 Mgt Tools&Techs (with UCLA MGMT X 457 Fund of Blockchain Tech) 3
BC 213-1 Taxation 3
BC 314-1 Good Governance and Social Responsibility 3
GE 118-0 Life and Works of Rizal 3
FM 305-1 Investment and Portfolio Management 3
OM 304-1 Costing and Pricing 3
HC 201-1 Applied Business Tools & Technology (PMS and POS) 3
END 105-0 Enderun Experience : Level 5 1
NS 101-0 Nat Service Training Program 1 3

Semester 2

HA 520-1 Special Topics in Food & Beverage 3
BC 317 Business Research 3
BC 315-1 Strategic Management 3
OM 307-1 Productivity & Quality Tools 3
OM 203-1 Project Management 3
HA 410-1 Advanced Hotel Operations (Rooms Division) 3
END 106-0 Enderun Experience : Level 6 1
NS 102-1 Nat Service Training Program 2 3
Fourth Year
Fourth Year
Semester 1

BC 417-1 Feasibility Study 4
OM 408-1 Special Topics in Operations Management 3
HA 425-1 Revenue and Yield Management 3
BC 212-1 BSBA Internship 1 3
END 107-0 Enderun Experience : Level 7 1

Semester 2

BC 418-1 BSBA Internship 2 5
END 108-0 Enderun Experience : Level 8 1


Enderun truly prepared me well for the internship. The classes I took were crucial to my performance. I had the edge over other interns and even some new hires because of my industry knowledge. The training phase also became easier. Without Enderun, I think things would have been chaotic, and I would have had a harder time in training.



I believe that the classes I took in Enderun have prepared me for my internship. The professors of Enderun would always tell me the reality of hoteliers. They would always tell the students that it may differ from what we imagine, so we must prepare a positive mindset to handle the challenges that come with the industry, such as guest complaints. I want to say that the class I took before my internship, "Service Quality Management," truly helped me build a service mindset. ​I also worked in the career office as a student assistant, which helped me greatly because reading various blogs of students who took their internship has awakened me to reality.


Internship at the Le Meridien, Seoul, Korea