How to Approach Applying for a Scholarship with an International College in the Philippines

How to Approach Applying for a Scholarship with an International College in the Philippines

21 Sep How to Approach Applying for a Scholarship with an International College in the Philippines

How can you go about applying for a scholarship to an international college in the Philippines?

  1. Ask for help
  2. Research about the scholarships being offered
  3. Weigh your options
  4. Create your résumé
  5. Apply!



Getting to study at one of the best international colleges in the Philippines and other premier educational institutions is an opportunity unlike any other for many students! There are more degree programs that they can offer for you, and plus, the internship and employment opportunities any student can avail for would be staggering!

Either way, getting to study in an international college in the Philippines would be a dream for many students! However, we can’t deny that when it comes to being a student, an important aspect that is always in serious consideration is none other than expense, which is something that Philippine international colleges are known for.

Nonetheless, though the expenses can be steep, it’s nothing a scholarship won’t fix!

If you wish to learn more about how to apply for a scholarship, here’s how:



Ask for Help

Of course, when it comes to applying for a scholarship, a lot of us may not know how to do so. In this case, there are many scholarships one can choose from, and with that, comes many different processes to follow.

In any case, don’t hesitate to reach out to your school’s administration for help. They’re the ones who can provide you with the necessary insight you need and all the other advice you’ll need when it comes to following the process.



Research About the Scholarships Being Offered

Research About the Scholarships Being Offered

Since there are variations of scholarships offered for interested students, they can also offer different packages upon being availed for. Some can offer a 50% deduction from your total tuition, others can offer full coverage for tuition.

Either way, each scholarship can offer different perks for their students, which means that a bit of research on the scholarship of your choice is important!

Researching about the scholarship you want can be as easy as you want it to be with the power of the Internet! When it comes to this, applying for it can be just as easy as you want as well, which will be explained further in the next coming paragraphs of this article.



Weigh Your Options

One thing to always take into consideration is the fact that having to make a decision can be difficult. In any case, weighing your options carefully by comparing what they can offer is a great way of alleviating the stress from your shoulders.

Also, it is best to consider the location of where the scholarship will take place, especially when studying in the Philippines. That way, you can consider other aspects of studying with a scholarship such as travel, accommodations, and the duration of the scholarship.

When it comes to weighing your options carefully, you likewise get to consider your own expenses for the opportunity (should your scholarship not offer 100% coverage for your education). Nonetheless, this step in the process can entail a lot of responsibility on your end.



Create Your Résumé

Create Your Résumé

Applying for a scholarship can be like applying for a job! With that said, create your résumé with finesse and professionalism, as well as it being complete with a well-written cover letter and a complete list of references. The better your résumé is, the more likely you will get that scholarship!

Of course, when it comes to this, there may be instances where you might be applying for different scholarships at the same time, all in the hopes of landing a deal. While that may be efficient, it can be hard to keep track of them all—which is why keeping track of them through the use of a list or a calendar can ensure that you don’t miss a thing!




Now, comes the most important part of the process: Applying for the very scholarship you choose! Sending out your applications can be gratifying when you do so, but when it comes to the waiting part, it can be nerve-wracking. With that said, continue sending out your applications for scholarship and have as much patience as you need! With the right preparations and determination, you may be able to land the scholarship of your dreams!



Key Takeaway

Undeniably, studying in an international college in the Philippines or anywhere in the world can be a bit pricey, even for the country’s elite. Since international colleges cater to students from all ethnicities and walks of life, there are chances where students would get a chance to be able to learn under some esteemed professionals known worldwide, as well as opportunities to further their studies or work abroad upon graduation.

Of course, there are other things to take note of when it comes to applying for a scholarship, especially when you’re a student at an international college in the Philippines. Nonetheless, these are guaranteed to give you the insights you need when you embark on the process of applying for a scholarship—which is undeniably an opportunity unlike any other!