6 Reasons Why Individuals Are Drawn to Entrepreneurship

6 Reasons Why Individuals Are Drawn to Entrepreneurship

18 Feb 6 Reasons Why Individuals Are Drawn to Entrepreneurship

Why are individuals drawn to entrepreneurship?

  1. You have control over your career destiny
  2. You directly manage who represents your brand
  3. Workplace flexibility
  4. You are your own boss
  5. Unlimited growth
  6. A chance to provide opportunities


There has been a huge spike in statistics of people deciding to take up entrepreneurship and to start their own business. The number of students enrolled in entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines has increased. Nowadays, people would rather form their own start-up rather than be employed. What is it that attracts people toward this profession? Let’s find out.


You Have Control Over Your Career Destiny

A huge factor of why most people choose to become entrepreneurs is that they have total control over their career path. More often than not, it will solely be up to you on how you want your business to be run. It’s this general idea of being at the helm of the outcome of your career that attracts individuals to entrepreneurship.

That also means that many entrepreneurs are forced to develop and enhance their own skills on their own will in order to become better businessmen and entrepreneurs. Whenever you call the shots and make decisions, you are responsible for the triumph or downfall of your own business.


You Directly Manage Who Represents Your Brand

You Directly Manage Who Represents Your Brand

You can’t simply manage an entire business on your own, especially when you’re taking things to another level and are planning to expand. Entrepreneurs with their own business have the choice to hand-pick the team that will help them develop their operations.

Your teams and its members will play a significant role in the success of your business. This is why many entrepreneurs choose to hire individuals who share the same burning passion, dedication, and drive with them. It’s essential to assemble a team of like-minded people. Many businesses find success in this.

Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to hire graduates from an entrepreneurship school in the Philippines. They usually know who will excel from their initial interview. Again, it’s about having control and management.


Workplace Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, your business office doesn’t have to be boring, bland and uniform. Good design is inspiring, it could help you and your employees work better. Many individuals excel in a creative environment.

Others choose to have their teams work remotely; meaning that they don’t generally have an office, they utilize the virtual world as their workplace. They could hold meetings at virtual offices or at co-working spaces. That way, you could save on having to rent physical office space. The freedom is yours. As an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility of deciding your business office.


You Are Your Own Boss

You Are Your Own Boss

From the beginning of K to 12 until your high school graduation, the idea of being your own boss will probably make you decide to take up a degree in entrepreneurship. More often than not, this is true. Once you start your own business, you will be sitting on the throne of your own projects, you are the captain of your own success. At this point, being your own boss means that you report to nobody.

If you want to do something that you think will be beneficial to your business, you have the freedom to do so. Every aspect of your business is under your control. With that being said, every entrepreneur must know that you will always work for your own success, not for someone else’s.


Unlimited Growth

Many careers or jobs have a ceiling and can only take you so far in terms of career advancement and overall, the amount of salary you will take home. It is a reality that most employees have to resort to politics just to rise above the ranks.

Being an entrepreneur and taking charge of your own business means that there will be no career or growth ceiling. And you don’t have to be involved in “office politics” just to get on top. When you are an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your own growth. It is up to you to fully utilize the unlimited opportunities of being an entrepreneur.



A Chance to Provide Opportunities

A Chance to Provide Opportunities

As an entrepreneur, you have the chance to make a difference and uplift the lives of your employees. You will be a provider for those who work with you. Many of your employees will depend on your leadership. Your growth and degree of success along with your business will directly make an impact on the lives of those who work with you.

You will also be able to provide jobs for those who are looking to make a living. Many will depend on how well you run your business together with teamwork in order to improve your employee’s livelihood and well-being.



Key Takeaway

There are so many reasons why entrepreneurship attracts many people. These decisions could come from personal preferences or via influence. People who are drawn to this path usually see entrepreneurship for its opportunities and overall career flexibility.

Some students who are still under K to 12 will already have made a decision to take the path of entrepreneurship as a career. Whatever your reason may be, entrepreneurship will often countless avenues for exploration, growth, and success.