What are qualities to develop to succeed as a young entrepreneur?

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Dedication
  4. Will and determination
  5. Strong self-esteem


Students from entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines are likely to develop certain skill sets that will aid them in becoming successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. Technical skills are good to know and they can lead every entrepreneur to success. But there are other qualities that one needs in order to truly stand out from the rest.

Many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen possess these key qualities. But these can’t simply be acquired overnight. One must continuously assess themselves, examine their strengths and weaknesses in order to successfully learn them.

Whether you’re from an international school or otherwise, you can self-learn them. Once you obtain them, you are bound to succeed no matter what your notion of success is. Here are the 8 qualities a young entrepreneur should develop:



This is a vital quality that you should always have in order to succeed. Possessing self-discipline entails putting your head down and doing what you have to do, whether you like it or not. Acquiring this habit will be the key to success for anyone. The fine line of an entrepreneur’s success and failure could rest on self-discipline.

Cultivating self-control is the first step to achieving self-discipline. This is a great quality that can ultimately lead to self-mastery. You will not only become a great entrepreneur but a better human being as well. Leading your life and business into the direction of success is paramount for many entrepreneurs, this applies to both veterans and novices of the field.


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

This is a quality that separates the greats from those who simply get by. To thrive in the business and entrepreneurship world requires one to be innovative and flexible. Developing your critical thinking skills will allow you to harness the powers of creativity and the ability to adapt to certain circumstances.

How do you effectively develop your critical thinking? Immerse yourself in activities that allow you to experiment with various developmental cases and events that let you express yourself creatively.

If you’re still studying in an international school or otherwise, nurture your creativity and ingenuity by actively participating in discussions. Many entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines always hold events and sessions that can help develop a student’s critical thinking. Enhancing your critical thinking is one of the best investments that will pay off significantly in the future.



You can improve your sense of responsibility to take on tasks by learning how to dedicate your time and effort into something. This can be developed even by doing everyday duties in life. From doing household chores to accomplishing your homework.

Pouring absolute dedication to even the most minute of tasks is one sign that you are displaying dedication at a level of total passion. When this becomes a habit, the feeling of accomplishment will be a constant in your life.

As early as possible, you should start nurturing a sense of accountability with the things they do. Being held accountable for the things one does is a great way of exercising responsibility and dedication.


Will and Determination

Will and Determination

In order to succeed in any career, one must possess the determination and will to rise above not just any circumstance but against your every competitor. You must accept the ever-changing landscape of business and entrepreneurship. Only those who display high determination and strong will obtain a top spot in their careers.

You can never be determined with what you do if you don’t develop a sense of passion and emotional attachment to your goals and what you do. Never get involved in a business with only half your heart set into it. You will certainly not achieve the heights you expect to be in. If you fully commit yourself into a career or business that you are fully passionate about then there is nothing that can hinder you from success.


Strong Self-Esteem

This is a vital quality that is in the formula for success. In the hustle and bustle world of business and entrepreneurship, there’s no room for a lack of self-esteem. You must constantly believe in yourself and the things you do. What this will bring on the table is not solely for you.

Having a high-level of self-esteem can rub off on the people you work with and your clients. You will have this aura of authority and influence. You can help those around you believe in themselves and the work they put in.


Key Takeaway

There is always room for improvement, especially for young entrepreneurs. You can start as early as possible in order to harness these qualities. Nothing is impossible when you have all these qualities with you. When you have a full grip of these skillsets, your dreams will soon be within arm’s reach. As long as you never allow complacency to set in and continue to strive, you will be on top of the game.