What are potential career paths for business management graduates?

  1. Sales Representative
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Management Trainee
  4. Management Consultant
  5. Stockbroker



When it comes to getting a job after graduating from a business management course in the Philippines, you should get a job that matches your personality traits and the skills you learned after years of studying. While most people think that this course is only for students to learn how to start a business and also manage one, it can also prepare you for other types of jobs as well. Aside from being an entrepreneur or business manager, these are the specific jobs tracks you can pursue:



Sales Representative

The job of being a sales representative can be emotionally taxing because your commission is based on how many people buy a product or service you are selling. Obviously, not everyone will want to buy your product and constant rejection can bring anyone down. Good representatives succeed because they have these traits to help them:

Optimism – People in sales are the most optimistic people around because they learned to hope for the best, even after being rejected so many times. While they did not close a deal today, they still hope to close one the next day.

Drive – Persistence is important for them because it prevents them from throwing in the towel and simply giving up on their tasks.

Empathy – Representatives close sales because they know how to make customers trust them. Clients believe that they are placing money on someone who only wants the best for them. You can only do this if you know how to identify with people and build rapport between both of you.

While anyone can apply for this position, business management students have an edge because they graduate with having developed these needed personality traits, thanks to the challenges they had to overcome while studying.



Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst assesses the financial performance of their client companies. This person deals with a lot of number-reading tasks such as:

  • Market trends
  • Historical data of clients
  • Current conditions of the business economy

After dealing with numbers, the financial analyst has to come up with appropriate solutions for their clients to implement based on his or her interpretation of them.

Since business management courses in the Philippines require students to study Finance as a subject, a lot of graduates who love that subject choose to pursue this track because they can work in a wide range of industries with high earning.



Management Trainee

If you want to experience being a business manager right after graduating, becoming a management trainee is the way to go. This is also good if you are unclear about what industry you want to get into but definitely desire to be a management position. As a trainee, you will learn all the skills needed by executives through a program held by the company that hired you.

The benefits of this job include:

  • You go through different departments, such as HR and marketing, every few months for experience purposes.
  • You have more chances of being noticed by the senior board, thus, you also have more opportunities of going up the ladder faster.
  • Since you deal with more experiences compared to other employees, you also become more marketable than them. You have the skills necessary to work in any type of department or industry you choose.



Management Consultant

Management Consultant

To become a management consultant, you need to know the basic components of a business. These include being familiar with accounting, finance, marketing, and organizational development. For example, you may graduate with a finance major, but the skills you learned from the major alone may not be sufficient when it comes to consultation duties.

Luckily, business management graduates are required to study all integral management and operations subjects, since they are all part of learning how to start a business. They can use their lessons and apply it to future clients.




A stock market is a risky place. Buyers can lose money if they choose to buy the wrong stock, and sellers can lose money because of unprecedented risks. Stockbrokers are needed to reduce the risks taken by both types of people. Clients go to these people because they want advice on whether it is the right to buy or sell a certain stock. When it pushes through and becomes successful, brokers get a commission from it.

Brokerage firms who hire brokers aren’t primarily concerned with the course they graduated with as a deciding factor. What matters is being able to prove financial and accounting skills through an exam. Because of these necessary skills, firms will prioritize applicants who went through a business management course in the Philippines.



Key Takeaway

A lot of people assume that graduating with a business management course means you can only start or manage a business. This is untrue because it also prepares you to apply for other jobs. With this course, you can also choose to go into sales, stocks, and finance.