Starting Out: Taking a Business Management Course in the Philippines

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No business runs on its own. It has to be handled by someone who knows it from top to bottom, and inside out. Business management courses in the Philippines are designed to extensively train students in all aspects of the business process and leadership, and prepare them for real world situations.


Business is changing all the time. In the Philippines, entrepreneurship schools take this into consideration when designing the curriculum, and teach their students how to adapt to situations properly. The students, of course, must be absolutely certain that they want to take the course, because the drive to learn is every bit as important as the learning process itself.


The Advantages of Taking up a Business Management Course


The Advantages of Taking up a Business Management Course

Taking up a business management course in the Philippines affords certain advantages, some of which include:


Learning About Marketing Strategies Early On


When an aspiring entrepreneur, who has no educational background in business management, decides to start his own business, a significant amount of time will have to be put into learning how the system works and how he can make it work for him.


On the other hand, a person who has taken a business management course in college will, at the very least, be familiar with various marketing strategies and will spend much less time on training wheels.


Business requires all resources to be utilized efficiently, and time is one of the vital ones.


Potential Networks


Being successful in business doesn’t necessarily start when a huge deal with a diamond client is closed, or if it’s at the top of the game.


Everything starts with a connection. The success of a business begins the moment a client acknowledges the business’ potential.


Similarly, a renowned professor may come across a promising business management student and be impressed enough to put in a good word for him or her to a corporate giant. It may also be during a seminar or a job fair when a student stands out and captures the attention of many.


The eyes of business people are trained to identify remarkable individuals, even those who haven’t reached their maximum potential yet—and there are no restrictions as to how early that can be.


The Competitive Edge


A doctor’s job is to cure diseases and save lives, while a lawyer’s is to practice and apply the law to clients. On the other hand, a businessman’s job is to make sure that the business they’re running is either at the top or holding its own against the rest.


Regardless of how naturally talented an entrepreneur is, the business he is handling can only be as good as he allows it to be. Business management courses in the Philippines beat it into the heads of students that competitors are thinking of new ways to stay ahead all the time, and that they should do everything in their power to make sure that the competitors don’t.


Having a competitive mindset is an asset in itself and a strong characteristic. Plus, it can positively influence the people around—and the business overall.


Why Business Management is an Essential Skill for Anyone to Have

Why Business Management is an Essential Skill for Anyone to Have

If you’re running a business, then having business management skills is a no-brainer. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t applicable to people who are not business management majors. Skills in business can be useful in everyday situations, and is beneficial to anyone.


The skills taught in business management courses, while intended for the marketing environment, can prove to be indispensable tools when dealing with everyday situations.


A few examples of these are the following:


Problem Solving


People with a background in business management are able to analyze a problem more quickly, and from more angles. They can come up with more than one solution, by looking at factors such as:


  • The gravity of the problem and its potential effects
  • The amount of time it takes to execute the individual possible approaches
  • Available resources and ways to maximize them
  • Different outcomes


An example of this would be a part-time cab driver, faced with the problem of picking up and dropping off two different passengers from two different locations with just enough gas to deliver only one.


If the cab driver is familiar with the concepts of business management, he will instantly realize that he must find a route with the least traffic and a gas station on the way, and which passenger to pick up and drop off first. Compared to someone with no background in business management, he will come up with the right solution relatively faster.


Communication Skills


Communication skills are key in the real world. Business management courses in the Philippines ensure that students have mastered this craft before sending them off.


Even in a non-business situation, communication skills are extremely valuable. Misunderstandings are always best avoided, whether or not it’s with a client. People with a background in business management know the right words to say at the right point in the conversation, which will address the concerns of all the parties involved.


Communication is the process of listening, speaking, and knowing when and what to speak. To everyone else, it’s just another thing they experience in their daily lives; but to business people, it’s an art they take a lot of time perfecting.


Seeing the Best in People


The approach to identifying a person’s capabilities is rather straightforward: check his educational background and find out what he does for a living.


Unfortunately, not everything a person can do appears on their resume.


Fortunately, though, people who are knowledgeable in business management not only know this—they also know what that person is and will eventually be capable of. In addition, they will also be able to identify the kind of people he can work best with, or the environments where he can perform at his peak.


Aside from this, they are also excellent motivators. They can convince people to accomplish something they never thought they could.


And in everyday tasks, this is golden.


Career Options

Career Options

Business management courses in the Philippines prepare students by training them in all aspects of business, down to the tiniest details. Since entry-level careers require only a portion of their skill set, business management graduates have a wide selection of career paths to choose from.


Marketing and Advertising


Business management majors are naturals when it comes to product slogans and advertising pitches. A really good business person could turn a weak-selling product into a best-seller.


Marketing and advertising rely heavily on strategic thinking, communication skills and creative abilities, and a good awareness on the current and possible future state of the market.


Jobs in this field are excellent opportunities to those who enjoy utilizing both their creative and analytical skills at the same time, as well as effectively hone both talents.


Human Resources


Looking at resumes is second nature to business management majors—they can identify which ones are legitimately impressive, and which ones have false information.


People in this field are responsible for everything related to employees—from searching for prospects to interviewing and hiring, and monitoring their status in the company. Communication, management, and personal skills are the core requirements in this field.


How well a company performs is determined by the level at which its employees do their job, and human resources officers are expected to bring in the best people into the company.




Sales is a broad term, and can be further subdivided into smaller categories. There are sales representatives, who are responsible for reaching out to potential consumers; sales managers, who work behind the curtains and are tasked with setting goals and ensuring that they are met; and other administrative positions.


The key skills in this field are communication and financial skills. The performance of this department depends on the quality of the connections with clients, and has a direct effect on the company’s profits or losses.




While the sales department is responsible for earning for the company, the finance department is responsible for what happens with the money.


Business management majors, who have an affinity for accounting, are a perfect fit in this field. The job of financial analysts is to determine the appropriate price the products should be sold at. This is done by closely analyzing information from competitors to consumers, and by making accurate business forecasts.


Financial analysts and officers ensure that the company’s accounts are 100% accurate, and are responsible for generating reports on the company’s current financial status.


Other Options


Over time, an employee from one of the aforementioned fields may be transferred or promoted, and there will be a point when the employee has become an expert in all the areas of the company’s business. It takes years—sometimes decades, but an employee who has mastered all of these is an irreplaceable asset to the company.


Aside from those mentioned above, there are also other career options for business management majors—the skills you have learned can also land you other jobs such as stockbroking, systems analysis, and even life coaching.


A business management course prepares you more than enough so that you have enough choices and control in how your career unfolds.


Advantages in e-Commerce

Advantages in e-Commerce

In today’s era of digital marketing, it takes almost no effort to find a person who is into e-Commerce—buying, selling, and reselling on the Internet. It can be said that in the recent years, e-Commerce has become “the people’s choice” in terms of doing business.


It’s a rather simple process:


  • For Buying
    Search for the item you want
    2. Select the one with the best quality for a reasonable price
    3. Pay


  • For Selling
    Post the item for sale online
    2. Wait for a potential buyer
    3. Send payment details
    4. Ship the item


e-Commerce can be learned by anyone, and has been the preferred method of purchasing and selling products for a while now.


In the eyes of a business management major, however, the world of e-Commerce is a playing field in which they can utilize their skills to take the lead.


So, how exactly does having a business degree help?


You Know When Prices are Off


Sometimes, all it takes is one look to determine that a certain item is too expensive or too cheap. In the Philippines, business management courses teach students that there is always a specific price range for a specific type of product.


Some bad sellers get away with it by posting the item as a “one-time sale,” but unless the seller has suddenly had a significant increase in supply, it’s very likely to be a scam.


Buyers with a background in business can quickly identify which posts are legitimate, and are much less likely to be victims to bad sellers.


You Can Sell Your Products Easily


Business people perform business on a daily basis. They know just what to say to sell their products with ease. In short, they know it inside out, and know the perfect words to attract viewers and sell it.


You Know How to Take Care of Customers


In the e-Commerce world, not everyone is familiar with professional ethics. Some reply only when offered a higher value, while others don’t answer to inquiries until payments have been made. Everyone is their own person.


Business majors know this, and they know just how to treat their customers properly. The combination of excellent communication skills and general knowledge of how customers think allow them to deal with each individual customer correctly, and convert them into loyal clients.

Your Future Awaits You at Enderun Colleges

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