Business majors are consistently among the top chosen degrees in Philippine colleges. One of the more popular business degrees students choose to take is BS Business Administration. This is mostly because it offers students quite a bit of flexibility in their education.

The Business Administration program is an extensive field, which is why many top colleges in the country offer several specializations to customize and enhance the education of their students. This can be exciting since students can specialize in a field that suits their interests and skill sets, but it can also be very daunting if you are still trying to figure out what your passions are. Given this, here is a quick rundown of the specializations offered under BS Business Administration:

1. Financial Management

Do you enjoy numbers? Have an eye for detail? Finance might just be the specialization for you. In this course you will learn a broad range of concepts and skills such as financial analyses, statistics and portfolio management. Majoring in Financial Management can assist you in pursuing a variety of career opportunities. Potential job opportunities under this specialization can include the banking industry, fintech startups, and more.

2. Operations Management

Ever wondered how the products we order online end up in front of our door in a matter of days? Maybe you’ve always been curious how Amazon transformed into the world’s most valuable supply chain empire. Specializing in Operations Management prepares you to handle intricate details of business operations and to ensure a business is running smoothly and efficiently. Potential job opportunities under this specialization includes operations manager, logistics analyst, etc.

3. Marketing Management

Want to attract growth in a business and retain customers? Then specialising in marketing can be a great path for you! In this degree, you will emphasize in learning market strategies, communication and market research. The Marketing department in any organization is vital as it helps accomplish tasks such as research & product promotion to achieve business objectives like increasing sales, brand awareness and building customer loyalty and retention. Prospective careers with this degree can be marketing specialists, media planner, digital content manager etc.

4. Technology Management

Many Business Administration courses also include an umbrella of technology management. With the advancement of technology in today’s digital era, this degree combines business principles with innovative technological disciplines. If you have a flair for technology, this specialization might be good for you. A Technology Management degree benefits students by giving them careers in leadership positions with a solid foundation of business and management principles. Potential job opportunities under this specialization are computer systems analysts, software developers, information system managers etc.

5. Sustainability Management

Sustainability has become a priority for many businesses across industries. This is why top-level business schools, like Enderun Colleges, are offering Sustainability as a specialization to their Business Administration students. This specialization will allow you to master the policies, technologies and financial models to support sustainable development. It will help you to gain more knowledge in finding a balanced approach to minimize the risk of further damages to our environment. What makes this such a great specialization is that it doesn’t limit what industries you can enter after graduating. Given how various industries are making an effort to implement more eco-friendly and sustainable practices to their operations, specializing in Sustainability allows you to apply for nearly any industry that interests you.