August 2019

15 Aug The Advantages of Doing Your Internship Abroad

Have you ever heard the saying, “experience is the best teacher?” Studies have shown that students who go through internships are able to picture and relate better to the topics and theories discussed in their classes. Many students also admit that their internship was the...

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15 Aug What are my Career Options with a Business Administration Diploma?

Business was the top enrolled college course in 2018 with over 900,000 enrollees. The popularity of business administration courses has stemmed from the economic growth of the country over the past decades, requiring more manpower from skilled and knowledgeable professionals with business backgrounds. By taking up...

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15 Aug How to Apply for a Student Visa in the Philippines

Having the fastest growing regional economy, the Asian market is sought-after by many for work, investment, tourism, and studies. Among Asian countries, the Philippines is one of the top choices thanks to its improving economy and the English fluency of its citizens. This is why...

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