What’s Next: College Courses Senior High Students Can Take After Completing the ABM Strand

15 Aug What’s Next: College Courses Senior High Students Can Take After Completing the ABM Strand

The recent developments of senior high school in the Philippines have been geared toward giving high school students a headstart in their college education. Among the K12 tracks, the Accounting Business and Management (ABM) track is firmly grounded in the fundamentals of running a successful business. This senior high strand is for you if you desire a career in the accounting and business fields. Here is a list of a few of the many available courses for you when you move on to college.

The Accounting Courses

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Accountancy is the science of learning and knowing how to handle monetary assets, documenting the inflow and outflow and understanding the laws and rules of the subject. Keep in mind that every business and company needs an accountant.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

Similar to accountancy, this course is an updated version of the former that teaches students to calculate and organise financial documents with the use of modern technology and the widely-used technological platforms.

Graduating with an accounting degree opens your doors to having a career as a chief financial officer, budget or financial analyst, internal auditor, and many more.

The Business Courses

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

This course teaches you how to allocate your resources in proportion to your business production in relation to agriculture and farming endeavours, in line with the direction of The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). This course if for you if you are interested in agriculture, farming and improving the livelihood of farmers.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This is a popular course of choice for those wishing to climb up the corporate ladder or get into business and investments in the future. Business Administration equips students to possess leadership skills and develop and sense of business-mindedness. Take note that different colleges and universities offer different business administration courses with various majors and specialisations.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

In addition to the core learnings of business administration, the entrepreneurship course zooms in on business development and preparing students to run their own businesses and companies. Some colleges, like Enderun Colleges, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit by having students actually start their businesses while studying. This gives students an opportunity to improve and grow their enterprise with the mentorship of their professors, eventually graduating with a full-fledged business on their hands.

The Management Courses

Bachelor of Science in Community Development

Are you active in charity work and helping out NGOs and non-profit organisations? If you see yourself do those acts of kindness for the rest of your life, this course may just be for you! Community Development is for those people who have the drive and passion in building communities and making the world a better place. The foundations of this course are on education and collaboration to enrich and improve the lives of others.

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service

In this course you will learn how to communicate and correspond with other countries with the knowledge of ethics and understanding different cultures, while ensuring mutual benefits in terms of investment flow, growth and development, tourism and social and work welfare.

Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Whether you want to open your own hotel or restaurant in the future of work at a 5-star chain, this course is for those people interested in the dynamic, never-sleeping and service-oriented industry. Hotel and Restaurant Management or HRM prepares students who want to get into the hospitality industry and business, be it in the kitchen and back-of-the-house or in the front-of-the-house.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Tourism Management has a more specialised scope in the hospitality industry. Unlike Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism magnifies the travel and tourism in the hospitality sector. Whether you want to open your own travel company or work at a travel agency, this course trains students to become business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and qualified workers in the industry.