No classroom education can replace the value of real-life experience. At Enderun, all bachelor’s degree students must complete the internship programs in order to graduate. An Enderun Career Development and Industry Placement Manager closely supervises each intern’s work, and coordinates with Enderun’s industry partners to ensure that internships offer genuine learning and networking opportunities that complement classroom perspectives and enhance student career prospects.

Internship 2018

College of Hospitality Management

At Enderun, all Hospitality Management degree students must complete two industry internships. The first internship, undertaken during the student’s sophomore year, offers broad exposure to the workings of international-category hotels, resorts, and caterers, and reinforces classroom instruction on hotel and restaurant operations with entry-level experience in hotel departments such as front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, food & beverage and culinary arts.

A second internship, reserved for seniors, synthesizes lessons from Enderun’s general management curriculum and offers students the opportunity to gain real-world supervisory experience in local hotels. Seniors may also complete their senior internships abroad and gain international exposure in leading hotels and restaurants around the world.

College of Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship

At the Enderun College of Business, degree students are required to take at least two internships before they graduate. Students are advised to take at least one of their internships outside of the Philippines to broaden their horizons, build character and provide a real-life reference to the international nature of the program.