What Makes Enderun Colleges one of the Top Colleges in the Philippines?


28 Jun What Makes Enderun Colleges one of the Top Colleges in the Philippines?

Enderun Colleges is a school that offers international-caliber degree programs. Founded in 2005 by successful businessmen and industry practitioners, the college has grown from a few classrooms, and a few hundred students to a 2-hectare campus with over a thousand students in just a little over a decade. From the beginnings of just one degree program, Enderun today offers 4 degree programs, 5 majors and 2 specializations plus a series of certificate and diploma courses. Here are some of the factors that brought Enderun to be one of the Top Colleges in the Philippines.

International Standards

Enderun is committed to the highest international standards of Academic Excellence centered on its graduates and other stakeholders. When you graduate from Enderun Colleges, you don’t leave with just one diploma. Each student has an opportunity to receive a certificate from their course’s partner school. Each course at Enderun has a unique partner school that is internationally recognized. For some courses, students have the opportunity to finish half of their studies abroad in one of the partner schools.

Industry Partners

Apart from academic partners, Enderun has its industry partners. These partners help fund the many scholarships that are available to any student and also provide them with internships and jobs after graduation. With hundreds of partners, both local and international, spread across nearly 30 countries, career opportunities and growth are readily available to Endern students.


Enderun Colleges has both industry partners and industry practitioners. A majority of the college faculty are active professionals, consultants and business leaders, who have the first-hand experience in the subjects that they teach, making learning more interesting, lively and imaginable for students.


In contrast to other colleges in Manila, Enderun may not look like a school at first glance. With its unique buildings and interiors, the school is an iconic architectural landmark that houses world-class facilities in order to provide students with the best academic and close to the real-world experience. High ceilings and wide landscaped pathways allow students to breathe more freely throughout their college experience.

Student Life

Being a smaller college compared to most, students have a greater opportunity to bond not just with their peers but with students of different levels, faculty, and staff. The college offers various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular to students to keep them as well-rounded as possible.

Learning Approach

Unlike conventional schools, Enderun encourages students to learn between a balance of theory and practice and a balance of hard skills and soft skills, to prepare them for the various situations and encounters in their future careers. From learning concepts through lectures, individual work and group presentations, students apply their leaned concepts to hands-on practice classes and their internship experiences.

Academic Curriculum

The Enderun curricula is very industry-specific, which is patterned after the general education models of US Ivy-League Universities. Having its series of partner schools, each course curriculum is designed toward the demands of the careers that students will one day dive into.

When looking at your college and university options, try weighing down and comparing those factors. What sets the school apart from the rest? What are the ideals and values that you share? Is there learning potential? Will the school prepare you for the real-world and allow you to maximize your career opportunities? To learn more about Enderun Colleges, visit https://www.enderuncolleges.com/