How does entrepreneurship school cultivate students to become leaders?

  1. You turn your failures into learning opportunities
  2. Persuasion becomes a breeze for you
  3. You also become a critical observer of data
  4. You learn how to manage people and yourself



All leaders with great vision need a good foundation to start their journey or plan. Education is one of the best roots for them because they meet intelligent people and learn new concepts that can help them later on. Students in an entrepreneurship school in the Philippines all have their dream businesses they want to become leaders of and these aspirations motivate to enter the course in the first place. These are the ways students become leaders at an entrepreneurship school:



You turn your failures into learning opportunities

Businesses are just like marriages. They both have high chances of failing and in reality, 80% of startups will fail. But if you succeed, what you get is worth more than gold. A college aims to show you that it is okay not to succeed all the time, as long as you learn from them and don’t give up.

Entrepreneurship school in the Philippines teaches you to get used to failure because let’s face it, it’s not easy. A Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship course usually requires seniors to create a successful business based on academic learning with practical applications. You and your team may be so excited about selling something, but people may not buy anything in the first month.

Students who are in the ABM strand usually have to deal with a lot of balancing between assets, liabilities, and equity which can hurt anyone’s brain after 4 hours of studying. Yet, many have succeeded despite the odds, so there is hope that you will too.



Persuasion becomes a breeze for you

Persuasion becomes a breeze for you

A business is only as successful as its customers and the reason why you gained them is that you were able to make them believe in your ideas. Employees stay loyal to you and investors are willing to give you capital because you made them want to help you fulfill your vision as a leader.

You get a lot of training in persuasion at entrepreneurship school in the Philippines thanks to your marketing professors. The subject of marketing teaches you the importance of consumer behavior to any brand and company.  Here, you research what type of people will buy your products and pay for your services: based on where they live, what they can afford, and how you promote it. Marketers are the people who make an ordinary thing into something that everyone wants. This is why most leaders seem to be so energetic and wise whenever they speak in public.

When you study the basics of marketing, you are forced to do a lot of public speaking through presentations. Public speaking requires you to be both emotional and logical because ultimately, people are the ones who will be judging whether your presentation was good or not. They are not robots. They also need to feel personally connected.



You also become a critical observer of data

Smart leaders do not just keep moving like a bulldozer that never stops. They also know when to watch, read, or listen before coming up with a new plan. Economics, Accounting, and Finance are units that you need to complete when you want to graduate with an entrepreneurship degree. Thanks to the ABM strand in senior high school, you already learn these subjects before going to college.

Some students find it hard to do well in these subjects because they are tedious and number heavy. Because of the emphasis on numbers, people usually will spend hours on just one problem set, graph or balance sheet. Most entrepreneurship students will think, “I’ll just hire someone who is better at math than me. I don’t need to take this class seriously.” But there’s a reason why these subjects are on the curriculum.

These subjects make you realize that all great abstract ideas have concrete roots. Data tells you if something is feasible or not.  If your revenue from customers did not cover the costs to produce one product, would it be smart to use some of that money to develop a new one?

Whenever Steve Jobs launched a new product, he never seemed to put numbers like costs and expenses. But without them, that new phone would have never become reality. Developing a new mobile phone requires money, and there is always a team in charge of saying whether the company has enough funds to develop one.



You learn how to manage people and yourself

You learn how to manage people and yourself

Leadership and strategy teach you the importance of people in a company. You learn what makes them tick and the type of barriers that keep them from working effectively based on decades of research. It goes hand in hand with the department of human resources.

Your employees are your greatest resources and your biggest problems at the same time. They may be creative and talented with numbers but they have the potential of hurting each other with discrimination, gossip, and lies. You learn how to maintain and realize their full potential by applying the right strategies and policies. Most importantly by studying others, you also learn what traits of yours stop you from being effective.



Key Takeaway

Entrepreneurship school undeniably offers a good foundation for people who want to become leaders. The meticulously-crafted curriculum and overall journey throughout the program equip students with the fundamental and universal tools that all leaders aspire to.

Enderun’s Bachelor of Science program in Entrepreneurship (BSE) produces entrepreneurs with a clear competitive professional advantage, who adopt a global business approach in the planning, management, and improvement of an enterprise. It is designed to address both the development of new business opportunities and the scaling up of existing operations, placed in the global context.