Expectations When Studying in an International College in the Philippines

28 Jun Expectations When Studying in an International College in the Philippines

When is comes to college, most students have two options: study in the Philippines or study abroad. However, have you ever thought about getting a “study abroad experience” by studying locally? There are a number of exceptional international colleges in the Philippines, like Enderun Colleges, that offer a true international education to its students. What awaits you in these schools? Here are some of the things you can expect when enrolling in an international college:

You Get a Global Education

You are taught in preparation for a career not just locally, but globally. Classes are formulated and taught in accordance to international standards, patterned after US Ivy League Schools. You also have the option to get a real study abroad experience, by finishing your degree in one of Enderun’s international partner schools across different continents. The real education, however, is going on an international internship and experiencing work and life abroad first-hand. Many students choose to do their internships in France, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, and other beautiful countries.

You Get to Dress Sharp Every Day

College is a time when dressing up well is encouraged, and it’s not much different in an international college. The only difference is that these colleges ask students to come to class in a suit and tie (and heels for the ladies). The discipline of showing up to campus in full corporate uniform not only prepares you for the professional industry, but it grooms you to be comfortable and confident when you take on that supervisor or management role after college.

You Get to Learn from International Practitioners

Enderun has a diverse set of faculty members who have been or are still practicing in the same field that you are venturing into. You might have a French, Malaysian or Austrian chef teach you in your culinary lab classes, or vice presidents of multinational companies giving you your 6 to 9pm lectures, or even hotel general managers teaching you about the thriving hospitality industry. You not only get to learn by the theories they teach, but through their real-life experiences. Many of these professors are more than happy to mentor students, better preparing you for your future career in your chosen field.

You Get Classmates from Different Cultures and Walks of Life

You will encounter scholars from various walks of life in the Philippines, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Pacific, and the Americas. Each person you meet will have a different story to tell. This broadens your horizons and helps you expand your comfort zone, allowing you to seamlessly interact with different types of co-workers and customers once you start working. There are also many lessons to be learned from the stories of others, allowing you and the classmates you meet to grow as people.

You Get a Career with International Opportunities

Have you ever dreamt of working abroad someday? If so, you would probably love to experience a little “test drive” while you’re still in college. Many international colleges in Manila, like Enderun Colleges, offer internships and skills seminars abroad as part of their curriculum. This is a great way to experience life working abroad in your preferred country before committing. In some cases, interns impress their employers so much that they become priority hires right after graduation.