Enderun extends kudos to former collaborators for PIA awards

26 Mar Enderun extends kudos to former collaborators for PIA awards

Enderun Colleges offers its most heartfelt congratulations to former collaborators Architects Jose Pedro C. Recio and Carmelo T. Casas, who each received the Gold Medal of Merit from the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) in an awarding ceremony held last March 14, 2018.

Recio and Casas were the minds behind Recio+Casas, the erstwhile architecture firm that designed Enderun’s landmark permanent campus on McKinley Hill a little over a decade ago.

“When we took this project, [the founders] really wanted a campus setting for the school, not a high-rise urbanized concrete [structure],” Casas reminisces. “This was meant to be one-of-a-kind and as you can see, it created a lot of impact. There weren’t a lot of these tall buildings in the area back then, so it became a landmark.”

Since Enderun is a premiere management school with trailblazing programs in International Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Economics and more, he also notes that it’s a natural fit.

“I believe this is also one of the very first culinary schools,” he adds, “so it was fun for us to design something new—classrooms with kitchens on an amphitheater-style of seating, etc. It all followed our philosophy which is understated yet timeless.”

This journey also came full circle as both awardees chose Enderun as the venue for the ceremony.

“When the PIA approached us for tonight’s dinner, they asked if we can recommend a venue, preferably a previous project. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was Enderun. This place is especially memorable for us since we also used to celebrate our anniversaries here.”

The respect and admiration also go both ways. “As President of Enderun Colleges, I have to face, listen to, and exchange views with a broad and divergent range of stakeholders every day,” says Ed Rodriguez, PhD, President of Enderun Colleges. “[There are the] students, faculty, parents, employees, academic and industry partners, media, as well as interested organizations in the Philippines and from abroad, government and non-government, and even visitors from neighboring high-rise BPO towers. One particular impression and view has cut across all conversations with unanimity, unqualified praise, ease, and clear enthusiasm: all the world loves our campus, without exception! And so, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you and congratulations, Masters Recio and Casas!”