No less than a global battle to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking place.

The Enderun community must join this battle, take on its responsibility, implement specific steps to protect our community, and contribute to local, national and global efforts.

Members of the Enderun community include Enderun Colleges students, parents, faculty, employed staff, and contractual employees.

For all members of the Enderun community , the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) for preventing and containing spread of coronavirus will guide and dictate our protocols at Enderun (including containment of individuals with symptoms, self-quarantine steps as appropriate, constant updates on effective precautionary measures in and out of the campus, etc.), in close coordination with the Taguig City government.

Any member of the Enderun community, including a student, who personally detects flu symptoms should immediately self-quarantine and undergo medical testing for coronavirus. Self-quarantine with medical testing is also expected of any Enderun community member who has recently travelled to another country known to have one case or more of coronavirus. All members of the Enderun community are strongly discouraged to do any travel outside the country until June 2020 (or further notice).

Specifically for students:

In order to achieve the learning outcomes of the classes you are enrolled in, when class meetings in campus are suspended, classes will continue virtually, off campus, through remote learning over the internet. Faculty will inform their their respective classes, by Enderun email, of the process and procedures to be followed. Accordingly, all students must read their Enderun email regularly.

When a class is held at Enderun, a student who has passed fever screening at the main gate but who, in the best judgement of the teacher displays flu-like symptoms while in class, will be asked by the teacher to go immediately to the school clinic. At the clinic, the school nurse will decide if the student should immediately go for coronavirus testing at the hospital. The student may return to class subsequently only upon presentation of formal medical clearance to the school nurse, who shall then allow the student to attend class. While the student has not yet been cleared, the faculty teaching the student’s other classes will be informed of pending clearance.

School activities that do not allow sufficient social distancing at school, i.e. lead to close mixing of students between classes or years, will be temporarily deferred. This includes attendance at varsity sports games.

Faculty, employed staff, and contractual employees shall be subject to the same discretionary call by their direct supervisors for medical clearance as to be followed for students.

All the above steps are being taken together with heightened sanitation within campus (installation of hand sanitizers in all building entrances, classrooms, meeting rooms and the gym; reminder notices in comfort rooms; etc.) as well as maximum disinfection of the campus (daily deep cleaning of buildings and more frequent supplementary cleaning of rooms).

For your information, understanding, and full cooperation.

Please take care.

Dr. Edgardo P. Rodriguez
Enderun Colleges

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