Bachelors of Science in

International Hospitality Management with Specialization in Culinary Arts
International Hospitality Management

Since 2007, Enderun Colleges and École Ducasse have forged an academic partnership and shared a common vision of developing aspiring chefs to meet the needs and elevate the standards of the global industry. Students at Enderun Colleges have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge culinary techniques first-hand from hand-picked international chefs from École Ducasse.

Furthermore, students undertake business and management classes as a core part of the curriculum. This lays the foundation for our graduates to seamlessly transition into kitchen management positions, as well as equips them with the business acumen to build and grow their own restaurant empire. In fact, Enderun’s BS-IHM graduates can be found in kitchens around the globe and are behind some of the most beloved restaurant concepts throughout the Philippines.

Students who graduate from the program will earn a globally recognized Certificate in Professional Culinary Arts from École Ducasse.

Enderun Colleges is proud to be the home to the first École Ducasse outside of France and its regional hub in Southeast Asia.

ÉCOLE DUCASSE was founded by Alain Ducasse, a world-renowned French chef with over 21 Michelin stars and the first chef with three restaurants to be awarded with three Michelin stars at the same time. École Ducasse was established with a strong global vision in mind: to become the world reference in culinary and pastry arts and in l’art de recevoir. With training centers in operation in France since 1999, the school focuses on delivering the best education available in the fields of gastronomy and hospitality.

It is also the only culinary school attached to a renowned chef and equally renowned group. Being part of École Ducasse connects future chefs to a worldwide network of Ducasse chefs, who all carry the same discipline and principles imparted by Alain Ducasse.

The academic partnership between Enderun Colleges and Ėcole Ducasse also opens the door for students to take international internships in prestigious kitchens around the world, including Alain Ducasse’s own Michelin-starred restaurants, Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse in Paris and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester in London.

Future Careers

  • Executive Chef
  • Private / Personal Chef
  • Research Chef
  • Chef Consultant
  • Food Service Director
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Catering Services
  • Nutritionist
  • Food and Beverage Writer
  • Sommelier


At Enderun Colleges, all bachelor’s degree candidates must complete two industry internships, the first during their sophomore year and the second in their senior year. The Office of Career Services coordinates with its growing number of local and international Industry Partners to ensure that internships offer genuine learning and networking opportunities that complement classroom perspectives and enhance student career prospects.

Our International Hospitality Management students specializing in Culinary Arts have taken life-changing internships in some of the most prestigious Michelin-starred kitchens all over the world, including France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, the UK, and the U.S.

Curriculum & Course Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics will provide students with rigorous training for problem solving and critical thinking pertinent to careers touching economic development issues.
First Year
Semester 1

GE 116-0 Science, Technology and Society 3
GE 118-0 Life and Works of Rizal 3
GE 115-0 Readings in Philippine History 3
TC 101-0 Macro Perspective of Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 102-0 Risk Mgt as Applied to Safety, Security & Sanitation 3
IHM Elec 1 Elective 1 – IHM business applications 3
GE 119-0 Contemporary World 3
HA 206-0 Operations Management for Hospitality 1
END 101-0 Enderun Experience : Level 1 1
PE 101-0 Fundamentals of Physical Fitness 2

Semester 2

GE 111-0 Purposive Communication 3
HC 121-1 Fundamentals in Lodging Operations 3
HC 122-1 Fundamentals in Food Services Operations 3
HC 201-1 Applied Business Tools & Technology (PMS) 3
IHM Elec 2 CA DIP 151-0 : Basic Principles of Bakery and Confectionery 4
NS 101-0 Nat Service Training Program 1 3
END 102-0 Enderun Experience : Level 2 1
PE 110-0 Physical Fitness 2 2
Second Year
Semester 1

GE 112-0 Understanding the Self 3
FL 1 Foreign Language 1 3
HC 123-1 Kitchen Essentials & Basic Food Preparation (CA DIP 101-1) 3
TC 103-0 Philippine Tourism, Geography and Culture 3
IHM Elec 3 HA 204-1 Catering Services Craft Based Learning 4
NS 102-1 Nat Service Training Program 2 3
END 103-0 Enderun Experience : Level 3 1
PE 201-0 Physical Fitness 3 2

Semester 2

GE 151-0 General Education Elective 1 3
TC 201-1 Service Quality Mgt in Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 222-1 Multicultural Diversity in Workplace for the Tourism Professional 3
FL 2 Foreign Language 2 3
GIHM Elec 3 CA DIP 202-1 A Basic Culinary Arts : Lecture 3
IHM Elec 4 CA DIP 202-1 B Basic Culinary Arts : Laboratory 4
END 104-0 Enderun Experience : Level 4 1
PE 210-0 Physical Fitness 4 2
Third Year
Semester 1

GE 152-1 General Education Elective 2 3
GE 122-0 Literature 3
GE 119-0 Contemporary World 3
TC 301-1 Micro Perspective of Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 323-1 Legal Aspects in Tourism & Hospitality 3
HC 301-1 Research in Hospitality 1
IHM Elec 5 CA DIP 204-1 : Regional French Cuisine 3
END 105-0 Enderun Experience : Level 5 3

Semester 2

GE 117-0 Ethics 3
TC 321-1 Tourism & Hospitality Marketing 3
HC 321-1 Supply Chain Mgt in the Hospitality Industry 3
HC 322-1 Ergonomics & Facilities Planning for the Hospitality Ind 3
IHM Elec 6 F&B 380 – Food and Beverage Cost Control 3
IHM Elec 7 CA DIP 305-1 : Advanced Culinary Arts 5
END 106-0 Enderun Experience : Level 6 1
Fourth Year
Semester 1

GE 114-0 Art Appreciation 3
HA 207-1 Strategic Management for Hospitality 3
TC 410-1 Entrepreneurship in Tourism & Hospitality 3
TC 401-1 Professional Development & Applied Ethics 3
HC 410-1 Intro to Mtgs, Incentives, Conferences & Events Mgt (MICE) 3
IHM Elec 9 CA DIP 230-1 : Kitchen Management 3
IHM Elec 10 Elective 10 – approved CA Elective 4
END 107-0 Enderun Experience : Level 7 3

Semester 2

HC 250-1 BSIHM Internship 1 3
HC 450-1 BSIHM Internship 2 4
END 108-0 Enderun Experience : Level 8 1


“Enderun provided me with everything I needed and ensured I was equipped with all the skills required to fulfill my internship program. From the recipes and ingredients that I had to memorize, the kitchen tools and equipment that I had to be familiar with, to the kitchen manners that were instilled in us, including upholding a positive attitude amid pressure, the teamwork gave me the motivation to work to the best of my ability.”

Suzzette Bautista

BS International Hospitality Management with Specialization in Culinary Arts ALLARD, PARIS, FRANCE

“I enjoyed my time in the kitchen doing practical learning and hands-on training. It was rigorous and challenging, but those times pushed us to become better and prepared us for the real world. I also greatly appreciated the time I spent learning from our chef mentors in school. Their way of teaching and imparting knowledge was very effective. I will also not forget the co-curricular organizations I joined at Enderun. These moments breathed life through my college years other than academics. I gained friends outside my circle, and I was able to do things beyond the classroom setting. I grew holistically as an individual through my involvement in these different organizations.”

Safa Rodas

Former Head Chef at Voyages by Alain Ducasse, Macau