As the pursuit of higher education becomes increasingly global, prospective students are seeking unique and thriving environments to embark on their academic journeys. Look no further than the Philippines, a country that not only boasts stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage but also offers compelling reasons to make it your study destination of choice.

Manila, The World’s Leading City Destination

Manila, the vibrant capital of the Philippines, has recently been crowned the World’s Leading City Destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2023. This recognition solidifies Manila’s status as a premier hub for international students seeking a world-class education experience.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic city life in Makati and Bonifacio Global City, explore historical landmarks like Intramuros, and engage with a diverse community that will undoubtedly enrich your academic and personal growth.

Manila is also the perfect jumping off point for exploring the country’s world-famous beaches. Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao are all just a short hour-long flight away from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, perfect for a quick beach escape during the many local holidays.

The Philippines Ranks 3rd Safest in Southeast Asia

Safety is paramount when choosing a study destination, and the Philippines stands out as the 3rd safest country in Southeast Asia, according to a global report by Gallup. Enjoy peace of mind as you focus on your studies, surrounded by a welcoming and secure environment. In addition to its high safety ranking, the local community is known for its warm hospitality, ensuring that international students feel at home and supported throughout their studies.

Mastering English in a Proficient Environment

In the ever-expanding global landscape, proficiency in the English language is a crucial skill. The Philippines takes pride in its High English Proficiency Index, as highlighted in reports by English First. This makes it easier for international students to communicate with locals and adapt to the local culture.

If English isn’t an international student’s first language, the Philippines is still a fantastic place to pursue their studies. The Philippines is one of the world’s leading English as a Second Language (ESL) destinations. Students can easily take part in ESL programs, such as the ones offered by Enderun Extension, and improve their English skills

Choosing the Right International College in Manila

Choosing the right college is a significant step towards your academic and personal success. When it comes to selecting an international college in Manila, there are several factors to consider:

Review your academic needs and goals. Different colleges offer various programs and courses, so it is important to choose one that aligns with your career aspirations. For example, those who are interested in pursuing International Hospitality Management and a career in other countries should look for top colleges in Manila, such as Enderun Colleges, that have a track record of alumni in hotels and restaurants around the world. On the other hand, those who want to pursue a creative career in multimedia arts will want to enroll in a college that works together with renowned industry leaders to craft modern curricula. Additionally, look for schools that are partnered with international colleges and universities to ensure that the education you receive is diverse and on-par with global standards.

Consider the culture and environment of the college. As an international student, it’s crucial to choose a college that promotes diversity and inclusivity. This will enhance your learning experience and provide opportunities to interact with students from different cultures and backgrounds. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a school that has a good ratio of local to international students enrolled.

Check out the services and support the college offers to international students. This may include orientation programs, language support, and assistance with accommodation and visa processes. These services can help ease your transition into life in Manila. Some schools will also have communities or organizations set up to help international students feel more comfortable and allow them to focus on their studies.

With its world-class education, diverse cultural experiences, safety, high English proficiency, and stunning natural beauty, the Philippines is more than just a place to study. It’s a place to grow into the successful professional you were meant to be. That said, embrace the opportunity to learn in a country that is as committed to your education as it is to your well-being and personal development.