The SHS strand program was a great move by the Philippine Department of Education, but it may not be the best option for student who want to study in a foreign country, especially in colleges in the U.S. Students who dream of this should try to look for a program that is more recognizable and standardized in the eyes of international admissions officers. One of the best programs out there that tick all the boxes is the AP Capstone program.

The AP Capstone program is a program created by the U.S. College Board. In very simple terms, the program allows students to take skills-based and subject-based classes while in senior high school. This helps senior high students hone research, writing, and other skills to a college level. At the same time, many colleges and universities will credit AP capstone classes as college credits, allowing students to get a headstart on their college education.

There is no denying that the AP Capstone program is beneficial, but the program is designed to challenge students in an effort to bring out the best in them. This means that the program might not be for everyone. If you are considering getting your AP Capstone diploma, you may want to ask yourself the following questions and reflect on whether the program is right for you.

Am I serious about pursuing college studies abroad?

Getting into a college abroad is no easy task, but holding an AP Capstone diploma can open more than a few doors for you. So how serious are you about studying abroad? If you are determined to study in the U.S., then taking AP Capstone in Senior High is a good choice. If you plan to stay in the Philippines for college, taking ABM, HUMSS, or any of the other SHS strands may be the better choice.

Am I ready for early college-level classes and requirements?

AP Capstone will expose senior high students to college-level courses and requirements. This is often challenging for many high school students who may not be used to the pace and workload of college-level classes. If you love to challenge and push yourself, AP Capstone provides an excellent opportunity to grow and develop key skills earlier than your peers.

Where is the nearest Senior High School that offers AP Capstone?

Not all senior high schools in the Philippines offer the AP Capstone program. While this may change in the future, there are only currently a handful of senior high schools that offer the program. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to do your research and look for schools, such as Enderun Senior High School, that offer the AP Capstone diploma. In some cases, you may need to sit down with your parents to discuss necessary logistical changes to help you pursue your college dreams.

The AP Capstone program is relatively new in the Philippines, but there is no denying that it provides amazing benefits and opportunities for go-getters and achievers in senior high school. Learn more about the AP Capstone program and how it can benefit you here.