Many colleges require students to take an internship as part of their curriculum. Unfortunately, not all college students fully understand the importance of their internships, which may lead to some choosing an internship based on whatever is available. Don’t forget that where you do your internship has the potential to affect your future career prospects once you graduate from any of the top colleges in the Philippines. This is why taking your time to do your research and mull over your decision is important when it comes to choosing the right internship opportunity.

Choosing the right internship opportunity can be difficult since it can be quite subjective. Despite this, there are a few steps you can take to help you discern. Some of these steps include:

1. Determine which sector you want to get into

Many college students will have a good idea of which sector they would like to work in by the time they are required to go on an internship. As such, it’s a good idea to take an internship with a company in the sector you aspire to work in. For example, students who are taking business administration and would like to enter the world of accounting, it’s generally a good idea to do your internship with an accounting or auditing firm. On the other hand, business students who envision themselves working in the world of marketing may want to look for opportunities at advertising agencies or PR firms.

2. Check what skills will you be able to develop during your internship

Take a close look at the job description of the internship opportunities you plan to apply for before you send your application. This section will give you a good insight of the kinds of tasks you’ll be assigned during your internship. Similarly, bringing a list of skills that you want to develop to your initial interview will also help you determine whether you will be given opportunities and guidance on how to accentuate these skills. This matters because these tasks will lead you to develop the skills that you’ll tap into once you enter the workforce.

3. Do your research on the company’s culture and work environment

One of the best reasons as to why you want to go on the right internship is because there is a good chance that they will offer you a career opportunity with them after you graduate, provided that you impress them during your time there. With that as a secondary goal for your internship, make sure you do your research into their company culture and work environment. Make sure that it’s a place that you are excited to go to every day.

These are only some of the steps you should take in order to find the right internship for you. If you are still having trouble finding a good place to do your internship, do not hesitate to speak with someone from your college’s Office of Career Services (or similar departments), as they can connect you with internship opportunities that fit your wants, needs, and aspirations.