With schools on all levels adopting online learning for the foreseeable future, many students have found it challenging to adjust to how different it is compared to traditional face-to-face classes. Seeing as this is generally a “tech problem”, it’s only right that students also turn to technology to help them overcome some of the more common challenges they face.

We have already outlined five apps that students can use to make online learning a little easier and more efficient in a previous article. Here are a few more you can try to help you breeze through your online First Semester:

1. GoConqr (Free on Android, iOS, and Web Browser)

GoConqr allows users to build flashcards, flowcharts, quizzes, and a variety of other incredibly useful features. The app also allows students to access an extensive library of resources from different communities from all over the world. This is great for learning more about your subject matter from the perspective of other students and educators.

2. Notion (Free on Android, iOS, and Web Browser)

If you already have a dedicated study group with your fellow classmates, it may be a good idea to start using Notion. This is a fantastic note-taking app that allows multiple users to upload notes, audio files, images, web bookmarks, and other useful study tools in one convenient location for everyone to access. The free version of Notion allows for unlimited users, but with a 1000 file or “block” limit.

3. SimpleMind+ (Free on Android and iOS)

SimpleMind+ is a free app that allows users to create extensive mind maps for better thought organization. Mind maps are useful for your everyday note-taking, but it can also help you find connections between ideas when writing essays and term papers. If you are primarily a visual learner, you’re sure to love the colorful, yet highly informational, mind maps you can create using SimpleMind+.

4. Cite This For Me (Free on Android, iOS, and Web Browser)

Many of the top colleges in Manila, like Enderun Colleges, will require students to submit a variety of written requirements for their classes. From reaction papers to case studies, students need to write quite a lot. That also means that students are required to cite a lot of sources over the course of their college education. Fortunately, citing sources has become incredibly simple with Cite This For Me. This allows you to simply scan the barcode of any book and the app will automatically create a citation in nearly any style, including APA, MLA, and CMS.