The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant detrimental impact on the hospitality industry as a whole. This has made many hospitality students quite nervous about their futures. Fortunately, experts are in agreement that the hospitality industry will persevere and rebuild itself post-COVID-19. For now, it’s a good idea for students and fresh graduates to stay on top of the situation and learn from the tips and opinions many experts have shared in order to better prepare themselves for the “new normal” that awaits them.

Below are some articles that outline the thoughts of hospitality experts and professionals from around the world:

Post-COVID-19: Adapting to the “New Normal” Facing Hotels and Restaurants

Chef Thomas Wenger and Ms. Bel Castro share their thoughts on the changes hotels and restaurants must make under the “new normal” with David Celdran in this TV feature from ANC.

Careers in [the] Hospitality Industry Post-COVID

Kunal Vasudeva offers his thoughts on some of the important skills employers in the hospitality industry will be looking for in their candidates from a post-COVID-19 perspective.

How can the hotel industry recover after COVID-19?

Bogdan Romashko shares his opinions on the key points that the hospitality industry as a whole must work on in order to recover from COVID-19. His opinions may be valuable in providing young hospitality management professionals and fresh graduates with insights on what hiring managers may look for in their candidates in the future.

5 ways Covid-19 will challenge airlines for years

Geoff Murray and Tom Stalnaker offer their insights on the challenges that airline companies and their employees will have to address. Although some of their insights may seem discouraging initially, they also highlight that there are some significant opportunities for driven professionals once certain issues correct themselves.

How to improve your chances of finding a job in the Covid-19 economy

Janet Alvarez highlights tips young hospitality professionals and fresh graduates should follow to increase their chances of finding the right positions during and post-COVID-19, whether it is your first job or you are looking to move to a new career opportunity.