When most people hear Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, they immediately think about jobs such as medical doctors, industrial engineers, or research scientists. Although the previously mentioned careers are incredible and fulfilling careers, these aren’t the only avenues available to Senior High School students taking STEM.

If you are interested in or currently taking STEM in Senior High, here are some other interesting careers paths that the track can help prepare you for:

Gameplay Engineer

Have you ever wondered how video games actually run? Well, you have Gameplay Engineers to thank for that. These professionals help design and customize game engines used in nearly every game. For some, this may involve working on existing engines, such as Unreal or Unity, to fit the needs of their title. In other cases, they may be tasked to create a proprietary game engine to suit the specific needs and style of the title they are working on (ex. Yuna Engine for the mobile game Epic Seven).

Food Chemist

Fancy yourself as a foodie? If so, you can easily combine your love of food with your interest in STEM by becoming a food chemist. Generally, food chemists experiment with the chemical composition of different foods to make them safer and tastier, as well as easier to ship and last longer. As you may expect, this career requires food chemists to be highly trained in chemistry, food sciences and organic chemistry.

Patent Attorney

Practicing law comes in many different forms, and those with a STEM background can train to become a patent attorney. This career allows people to combine legal and science and engineering knowledge to advise individuals and/or companies on whether their product is new, innovative, and suitable to become patented. These professionals also work to help obtain a patent and enforce the rights of their clients if a patent is infringed.

Information Security Analyst

Cybersecurity is very important in today’s increasingly virtual world. This is why many companies are looking for professionals who can keep their data safe. An Information Security Analyst, responsible for protecting companies and other organizations from cyberattacks, is one such professional. They do this by analyzing, planning, and installing preventive security systems and measures for their organization. As you can imagine, this does require extensive knowledge in I.T. and computer science. Alternatively, the role of Ethical Hacker is also a variation of this career that you may find interesting.