Choosing which course to take in college can be difficult for many high school students. After all, the choice is a significant one that affects your career in the future. For some people, however, there are certain signs and experiences that just scream you are made for a particular kind of course. A great example would be students who enjoy numbers are well-equipped to pursue accounting or statistics.

Of course, these signs are not 100% indicative. However, these can be very helpful in narrowing down your degree choices. You may find these signs useful if you are trying to decide between architecture and a shortlist of other related courses. Given that, here are a few signs that you may be suited to take architecture and design courses in college:

You Have an Inclination for Creating Things

Many architecture professionals exhibited an interest in creating and building from a young age. This can take many forms, from simple drawings of buildings to the playing with Legos and similar toys. This inclination can also come in the form of enjoying making dioramas or even playing building games like Minecraft. If you can relate with this, you may already have a foundation for a possible career in architecture.

You Have an Inquisitive Mind

One of the traits that the best architects in the world have in common is the fact that they have an inquisitive mind. They like to ask questions like why and how. This is important because constantly asking these questions allows architects to connect different ideas together, find inspiration from “unconventional” sources, and discover ways to further improve industry best practices.

You Already Have an Appreciation for Architecture

There is no doubt that well-designed architecture can inspire a variety of emotions. However, those who are born to be architects simply have an innate appreciation for architecture. Do you often find yourself marveling at how different buildings somehow make a cohesive skyline? Do you find the sweeping angles found in Eastern architecture to be inspiring? If “yes”, it may just be your calling to become an architect.

These are only three signs that taking architecture courses in college may be the right move for you. If you are interested in taking an architecture degree, make sure you look for a school that has an impressive list of professors and advisers, such as Enderun Colleges. This helps you find the right kind of professional guidance needed to set yourself apart from thousands of other architecture students in the Philippines.