Graduating as an Architecture major may have developed your skills in different areas, such as creativity and design. Moreover, although most graduates will look forward to becoming a chartered architect, there are still other career paths that you can choose from.

Landscape Architect

The first career path is that of a landscape architect. It focuses on planning, designing, and managing open spaces, including both natural and urban areas. A landscape architect will plan and design public outdoor spaces, such as parks. They will be employed in private, public, and academic organizations. If you are interested in landscape architecture and outdoor, then a landscape architect’s career path might be best suited for you.

Restoration Architect

A restoration architect specializes in the preservation and conservation of historic buildings and monuments. Restoration architects must alter or restore these buildings and monuments in order to prevent their deterioration. They are an integral part of a restoration project from conception to completion, and they may work on projects of various sizes and scales. If you are interested in restoration and would like to participate in projects like these, then a restoration architect’s career path might be best suited for you.

Urban Planner

The last career path is an urban planner. This one is a bit similar to a landscape architect but has more complex duties. An urban planner develops plans and programs for the use of land. They plan to create communities, accommodate growth, or revitalize physical facilities in towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas. If you are interested in a project that’s almost like building a city, then an urban planner’s career path might be best suited for you.

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