In the dynamic fields of culinary arts and entrepreneurship, knowledge is power. As such, keeping up with the latest developments, trends, and insights in these fields is important for students with dreams of becoming the next big thing.

This November, we’ve curated a selection of articles that will not only augment your academic learning, but also give you a competitive edge in your future career:

How to Start and Open a Restaurant Step by Step

This step-by-step guide on Entrepreneur is an invaluable resource for budding restaurateurs. It takes you through the entire process of starting a restaurant – from conceptualizing a business plan to selecting the right location and curating a captivating menu. By reading this article, you’ll gain practical insights that are crucial to kickstarting your restaurant business.

10 New Food Trends: The Top Trends in 2023

Staying updated with the latest food trends is essential for anyone passionate about the culinary world. This article by TouchBistro presents the top food trends of 2023, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Understanding these trends will enable you to innovate and adapt, ensuring your culinary creations are always in vogue.

How to Achieve an Insightful Recipe Costing Process

Running a successful restaurant requires more than just exceptional cooking skills; it demands astute business acumen. This article by Toast provides a detailed guide on recipe costing – a critical aspect of restaurant management. Mastering this process will allow you to balance taste and profitability, ensuring your restaurant thrives.