Mission & Teaching Philosophy


ENDERUN aims to graduate students with the academic training, professional competencies, and character required for success in today’s complex world, by offering international-caliber degree programs that combine management theory and practical experience in a values-rich learning environment.


ENDERUN TQM (TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT) is recognized as a dominant Management and Educational System consistently providing world-class quality SERVICES through continuous training and development of its various resources.
ENDERUN TQM integrates the most contemporary theoretical and conceptual knowledge with industry best practices in a modern learning environment resulting in optimal placement of managerial and entrepreneurial graduates, fulfilling demands of top global employers and various business opportunities. These generate consistent satisfaction of Enderun’s customers – its students and their families, while fulfilling the various expectations and demands of its shareholders and other stakeholders.
ENDERUN TQM assures its continuous improvement through collaborative strategic planning and implementation of effective, efficient and ethical quality management systems.


Patterned after general education modules at US Ivy League universities, the curricula involve industry-specific courses that develop within students the intellectual breadth and technical experience required in today’s dynamic business environments. The general management education is similar to the training business school students would receive, involving industry theory and history, and on the practical sciences and humanities.
Enderun’s learning framework places great importance on the balance between theory and practice. Founded on that philosophy, students are taught concepts and theories, and are given further avenues on which to enrich their first-hand experiences. In the classroom, emphasis is placed on student-centered learning. With the belief that learners absorb information through all the senses, the teaching methodologies, shaped with a focus on students’ learning styles, require maximum involvement from students.
Students are also given opportunities for experiential-learning both in and out of the campus through laboratory modules, field trips, tours, and practical internships. This learning-by-doing approach strengthens academic perspectives, and contributes to their students’ personal insights when they return to the classroom. The Enderun bachelor’s degree programs are recognized by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education. We assert our position so as to become a recognized player in the decision-making process of the University.


  1. COMMITMENT: Enderun is committed to the highest international standards of Academic Excellence centered on its graduates and other stakeholders.
  2. APPROACH: Enderun’s approach to education is Unique, Highly Differentiated and Balanced : between core coursework and practical work, between Hard Skills (analytical and problem solving skills) and Soft Skills (leadership, communication and people skills).
  3. FOCUS: One of Enderun’s main focus and strength is building industry partnerships and connections producing students who have gained priceless real-world experiences from intensive work internships and job placements for its graduates both locally and globally.
  4. STUDENT LIFE: Enderun is committed to the Holistic Formation and Development of its students through various curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and external student services.
  5. FACULTY: Members of Enderun’s faculty are composed of professors, professionals, consultants and business leaders reflecting the school’s international scope and character; drawn from places across the globe.
  6. FACILITIES: Enderun’s commitment to deliver an international educational experience to students is more evident than in its commitment and delivery of world class facilities setting new standards for university designs and construction making it an iconic Philippine Architectural Landmark.
  7. CURRICULA: Enderun’s curricula are driven according by international demand – the institution has established partnerships with prominent industry players both here and abroad. Its advisers play major roles in identifying what and where the demands are for Enderun graduates.