Senior High School

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The Academic Track of the Senior High School program is designed for those who have set their minds to college education. The subjects offered are intended to prepare the students for higher education subjects. Enderun’s SHS concentrates on instituting strong foundations of these basics to equip the SHS graduates the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the revamped college curriculum.
Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM)
  • The ABM Strand is intended for students who would like to be accountants, businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is also for those who want to take degree courses in International Hospitality Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management.
  • The specialized subjects taught in this strand will cover all aspects of business from finance, operations, marketing, and human resources.
  • Specialized subjects are being taught by industry practitioners and field experts.
  • The Principles of Marketing and Business Ethics and Social Responsibility subjects are taken in a blended learning set-up where students spend time off-class to watch supplementary videos, read case studies, and do research requirements.
    • This set-up gives students an avenue for greater exposure to the subject without being restricted with the constraints of class schedules.
    • This also provides the faculty with the opportunity to discuss more pertinent examples and case studies analyses during the face-to-face instruction.
  • Moreover, Enderun ABM students join national seminars, conferences, and workshops involving business topics to further develop their identity as future accountants, managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.
  • After finishing Enderun’s ABM Strand, graduates are in a fit state to take advanced management, marketing, and accounting courses.


Students who are interested in careers related to the business industries such as accounting, marketing, finance, operations, human resources or entrepreneurship are the best fit for the ABM course. These students will most likely be taking college courses in Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Management and the like.


By taking Enderun’s ABM Strand you will have the opportunity to have 4 subjects validated in Enderun Colleges if you are taking either Business Administration, Entrepreneurship or International Hospitality Management in college.

If you take Economics 3 subjects have the possibility of being validated.



Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS)
  • HUMSS strand curriculum is designed for those who would like to take liberal arts, communication arts, journalism, education, psychology, and other social science-related courses in college.
  • Subjects like Creative Writing and Creative Non-fiction will train students how to transform their imagination and creativity into manuscripts or stories that will shake the world.
  • Furthermore, students will learn how to be critical and radical thinkers as they transcend the challenges of the Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems and Philippine Politics and Governance subjects.
  • After finishing Enderun HUMSS Strand, graduates are expected to dare the status quos and norms of the world and give creative solutions to the problems of the society.


Students who are interested in developing careers in international relations, political science, psychology, economics or other social sciences would be best to take this strand. These are also students who envision themselves working on public policy, bridging cultural norms, understanding individual and group behavior while being in government, NGOs, education or research and development.


Students who are interested in taking Enderun’s HUMSS strand will have the opportunity in having 2 college classes credited if they enroll in Enderun’s college courses.



General Academic Strand (GAS)
Unlike ABM and HumSS strands that are designed for specific disciplines, the General Academic Strand (GAS) is designed for those who are undecided in their career goals. In GAS, students will take different elective subjects coming from different disciplines to give them a taste of how it feels to be both businessmen and social scientists or writers. Enderun GAS offers a combination of ABM and HumSS electives. Students will experience the quality of Enderun’s business instructions and at the same time learn creativity and ingenuity.


Students who are undecided in their career path. Those who are torn between taking Business courses or Social Science courses in college can use this time to determine their future preferences.


Students who are interested in taking Enderun’s GAS will have the opportunity in having 2 college classes credited if they enroll in Enderun’s college courses.




  • Karl Sta. Maria

    • Department Head for Senior High School
    • College Faculty for Mathematics
    • Co-authored Business Math Textbook for Senior High School
  • Dr. Jun Salipsip

    • Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce PHL Foundation
    • Country Manager, Dow Chemical
    • Product Manager, Wyeth
  • Rocky Laurel

    • Head for Management & Human Development
    • College Faculty for Business and Economics
    • MBA, De La Salle University & MS in Finance, University of the Philippines
  • Mhyles Oliva

    • Faculty for Natural Sciences
    • Author of earth science, life sciences, environmental impact and disaster risk education text books for Senior High School
  • Joseph Cataan

    • Youngest executive producer of a primetime program, CNN Philippines
    • BS in Mass Communication, University of Philippines Diliman
  • Dittas Anonuevo

    • Voted one of the top 10 most powerful women in the IT industry
    • Consultant for World Bank
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