Thinking Inside the Box: Curated Cuisine

Thinking Inside the Box: Curated Cuisine

20 Oct Thinking Inside the Box: Curated Cuisine

A new joint venture named Revolution Pop will soon roll-out modular precrafted and custom-designed pop-up food outlets. These stand-alone structures are called BLOX, and they will grant restaurateurs, food franchisers, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and business owners a fast, easy and affordable way to enter the restaurant market. Behind the venture are Revolution Precrafted’s Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio, Enderun Colleges’ Founder Jack Tuason, and UDENNA Corporation founder and chairman, Dennis Uy.

New entrants into the food industry will benefit from Enderun’s expertise in the culinary world. BLOX owners will be provided with pre-crafted restaurant concepts, painstakingly researched and then collectively customized and shaped into an aspiring restaurateur’s vision. “The world is filled with great ideas that are never pursued, and we’d evolve these ideas into reality.” Tuason says. Tuason himself chose the team that will guide entrepreneurs through every step of setting up the business from the design process, fit out and choice of equipment; operations systems and templates, menu design, cost control, inventory management; advice on talent structure and financial systems.

BLOX allows Revolution Precrafted to broaden its scope, from delivering high-end design homes to versatile and functional retail spaces. “With this partnership, we will enter into the dynamic F&B space, where relevance is key, and design drives demand,” says Antonio.

For inquiries about BLOX and Revolution Pop, please visit the website or email Luc Froelich at


Revolution Precrafted, a real estate technology startup founded by CEO Robbie Antonio, delivers high-design structures such as modular homes, adaptive amenity spaces, transposable restaurants, prefabricated structures and buildings, customizable glamping, as well as pop-up retail and fitness centers designed by over 60 of the world’s best designers, brands and architects. The real estate-tech startup, combines world-renowned designers and the latest advances in construction technology to deliver designer, custom structures at five times the speed and nearly half the cost to property developers and landowners. Revolution currently features structures designed by Pritzker Prize award-winning architects including Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects,  Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Paulo Mendes de Rocha, and Tange Associates, as well as celebrities such as Tom Dixon, Lenny Kravitz and Daphne Guinness.