Madrid Fusion

10 May Madrid Fusion

“If you want to appreciate Enderun, you will join events like this (Madrid Fusion).”
– Yvette Belleza, Class 2017, BS IHM-CA

“To get the full Enderun experience, you really have to volunteer for events like this (Madrid Fusion). It’s how you get the, I guess you could say, the legit Enderun experience.”
– Santiago Herrera, Class 2016, BS IHM-CA

“I think that’s why it’s so cool. Enderun doesn’t just teach you, okay, this is how you manage something. It teaches you the dirty parts of the job. You have to, you know, get down on your knees and scrub plates, bus tables, and do the menial tasks. But then after that, that’s how you can apply the management part of this job better because you actually know the jobs.”
– Santiago Herrera, Class 2016, BS IHM-CA

“Enderun teaches you that if you don’t give your 100%, that there are consequences that can happen, whether it be you don’t get the job that you want and you’re put with something a little lower because you’re not trusted, or it can be that you get yelled at… so it really pushes you to show you what it’s like in the real world, rather than babying you to what you think you could be.
– Jessica Faust, Class 2017, BS IHM-CA