Enderun on the Road to Digital Transformation

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28 Sep Enderun on the Road to Digital Transformation

At a time when technological advances are quicker than ever and an unfathomable wealth of information is accessed in one touch, it is necessary for institutions and individuals alike to keep a finger on the pulse of the digital world in order to stay on top.

Digital information also happens to be everything and everywhere these days, with data and analytics now seen as precious commodities, and managing and maximizing them, a highly-valued skill. This knowledge is also highly adaptable—it can be used for strategies in marketing, operations, sales, and virtually all aspects of business.

That said, it is not a surprise that an institution as dedicated to progress and excellence as Enderun Colleges would embrace this zeitgeist.

At the helm of this movement? Colin Christie, Enderun’s recently-appointed Director of Digital Transformation. A self-professed serial entrepreneur, connector and collaborator, Colin has previously taken leadership roles in various companies in both the Philippines and the USA, such as MxSecure, Lifetrack Medical Systems, and Global Chamber, where innovation is held with the highest regard. As Director, he aims to lead the way to a better, brighter future by maximizing the use of digital systems and technologies in Enderun’s academic programs and business processes.

It is a statement that Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, President of Enderun Colleges, stresses. “With Colin on board, I am looking forward to some experienced out-of-the-box thinking on how newer, disruptive technologies can propel Enderun’s education innovation even further.”

As for the journey ahead, Christie has this to say: “In this digital age, companies will need to adapt or risk being disrupted and surpassed by organizations that embrace digital transformation. In the Philippines, we also have a challenge with our infrastructure. We would all love to see internet speeds up and digital infrastructure more available, more accessible, and more inclusive. But moving forward, I see a fantastic future for the Philippines—we have a thriving and creative entrepreneurial community developing here and I think we’re in a really good position to seize that opportunity.”