Enderun Hosts 4th Biennial Discovery Women’s Basketball Invitational

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12 Dec Enderun Hosts 4th Biennial Discovery Women’s Basketball Invitational

Enderun Colleges proudly opened its doors to international and local women’s basketball teams when it served as the venue host for the 4th Biennial Discovery Women’s Basketball Invitational held last November 30 and December 2-3.

Spearheaded by Cynthia Tiu, Manager of the Discovery Perlas Women’s Basketball team, the invitational is part of a continuous effort to uplift and improve the sport in the Philippines, as well as build bridges with other foreign teams.

This year, the visiting teams came from Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal. It also marked the first time the invitational was held in Manila. Together with Discovery Perlas, the four teams played a series of friendly games at Titans Hall on November 30, while teams from various Philippine provinces arrived that same weekend to participate in the 3-on-3 Under 16 and Under 18 games.

The decision to have Enderun as the venue partner was only a natural one—Discovery Perlas and Enderun’s very own Lady Titans share a connection through Tiu as well as Coach Haydee Ong. This also led to the latter team joining the invitational’s organizing committee, with some members becoming liaison officers for the international visitors.

“This is the perfect event for us, especially the hotel administration students,” Sam Casal, one of the Lady Titans confirms. “[We get to] mingle and have experience in dealing with guests from other countries.”

“Plus, our main vision [as part of the committee] is to leave heartprints in the lives that we touch,” Casal continues. “We want to show the Filipino warmth and hospitality… we encouraged the teams to get to know one another and make the most out of the invitational. It’s not just about basketball, but also friendships.”

Tiu agrees with the sentiment. “My goal whenever I have invitationals is that it’s more for the experience. It’s not for the competition. I’m using the invitationals [and] basketball as a way to open doors. My main thing is for them to experience being here and knowing how the Philippines is—the hospitality, the friendships you make. It’s the experience, the bond.”