Benefits of Hybrid Learning in the Time of Pandemic

Hybrid Learning

10 Nov Benefits of Hybrid Learning in the Time of Pandemic

Even before COVID-19 transpired globally, several educational models have already been created and implemented to align the learning process with the varying needs of students. Likewise, the rise of technological advancements have made educational institutions around the world shift from traditional methods of classroom instruction to a more ideal learning experience.

Hybrid learning is an educational model where students can either attend classes face-to-face or virtually. Remote instructions are held by teachers and while there are students engaging in in-person classes, they still utilize online learning materials such as video conferencing.

“Once the IATF allows some form of face-to-face learning in the college setting, Enderun will pilot what it calls hybrid classes. For these classes, each student will have the option to attend sessions either in person on campus or remotely. Technology will be in place to ensure that there is seamless interaction between the teacher who holds class on campus, students who attend on campus as well as students who participate virtually,” shares Mr. Wilson Gan, Vice-President for Academics of Enderun Colleges.

While this model seems new to the local academic community, there are a number of reasons why hybrid learning can be effective. Here are some of the compelling factors to consider:

Flexible learning experience

The hybrid learning format gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. There is flexibility in teaching methods, on how students will use their learning materials, and even on the manner in which they choose to collaborate with their classmates and teachers. For complex topics that have to be more engaging and dynamic, teachers may choose to conduct it face-to-face while other subject matters can be facilitated online.

Opportunity to develop personal communication

Because of distance and limitations of pure online classes, there is a tendency to outgrow the development of students’ interpersonal skills. With the in-person interaction of hybrid learning, synchronous communication through group projects, deep conversations, and academic discussions form a meaningful bond necessary to improve the students’ performance.

Some students perform better with hybrid learning

Several research studies claim that students who have the opportunity to acquire information in multiple formats tend to increase their knowledge retention. In another study held by the U.S. Department of Education, it was found that while students who attend online classes perform better than those who are in a face-to-face classroom setup, students in hybrid learning programs outperformed all others.

Develop learning independence

As part of a growing young adult, students are capable of increasing their self-value by having the focus and discipline to achieve their goals. Their personal independence of identifying their daily academic habits and priorities shape up their learning experience while building the students’ confidence, self-reliance, and security.

Enhances teaching efforts

Since every student has a different learning style, it is necessary for teachers to solidify the class’ learning skills. Some students might prefer presentations with reading exercises, while others might effectively learn from watching videos. Hybrid learning not only benefits students but also instructors. As the latter continues to explore the different methods that would best fit the students’ learning needs, teachers are also given the opportunity to maximize their potential.

While the Philippines continues to adhere to government restrictions and safety initiatives during this pandemic, the educational sector provides different helpful courses of action to continue learning. At Enderun Colleges, the hybrid learning model goes a long way in fulfilling both the academic needs of students and commitment of well-respected educators.

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