4 Surprising Careers You Can Pursue with a Business Administration Degree


03 Sep 4 Surprising Careers You Can Pursue with a Business Administration Degree

One of the more common misconceptions about graduating with a Business Administration degree that many young students have is that the course narrows down their career options. Although many Business Administration students do take the typical positions in multinational companies, the truth is that the course is very diverse. In fact, the skills Business Administration students develop during their time in college actually allows them to apply for many different positions across various industries. With that in mind, here are a few careers you can pursue after you study Business Administration in college:

Sports & Entertainment

If you are excited by the prospects of marketing sporting events, analyzing album sales or even financing a movie, your business degree will sure come in handy. According to experts, in these industries, there is a need for business-trained individuals who can perform rigorous analysis of what types of products and services consumers want to purchase. Alternatively, an MBA in business can also provide greater job versatility and help develop your alumni network with business connections if you have your eye on a particular company or field.

Events Producer

Individuals who have experience in handling a business can create excellent events. You can use your business degree to plan and design fantastic events if you are social, good with information and organisation is your middle name. Business graduates can often be employed by businesses of all sizes to organize marketing activities , social mixers, holiday celebrations, and business meetings. With several impressive business colleges in the Philippines, you might start running your own business and producing activities for customers one day.

Fashion Management

One of the most challenging, yet interesting, fields to enter as a Business Administration graduate is fashion management. The fashion industry is moving at an extraordinarily fast pace and individuals should always be ahead of the game. Business students are specifically trained to keep up in a fast-paced environment. It requires mental fortitude and an ability to keep up with changing trends. Business students research trends in industry and at the same time they will have a chance to collaborate with brands in fashion management and create a plan for bringing new styles in front of their target customer or buyer.

Government and Public Service

Several people have claimed that government work has a lot in common with running a company. Over the past few years, this career path has gained prominence. The number of Business undergraduates and MBA holders joining government agencies saw a sharp increase in 2017. This is primarily because Business Administration courses in Manila as well as across the country cultivate and grow responsive government leaders.

A business administration degree is more than just studying Business and Management. It is about giving students a diverse skill set that allows them to explore a variety of “non-traditional” occupations.