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Les Roches

Founded in 1954, Les Roches is a private institution based on the Swiss model of experiential learning. Part of Sommet Education, Les Roches is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and is ranked number three of the world’s top institutions for hospitality and leisure management and number three worldwide for employer reputation (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020).

Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of hospitality, tourism and event management, Les Roches prepares entrepreneurial and innovative graduates across its campuses in Switzerland, Spain, and China. Situated in the stunning Swiss Alps and on the pristine shores of Marbella, Spain, the school is home to thousands of international students from all corners of the globe and many graduates from Les Roches move on to senior leadership positions throughout the global hospitality industry.

Committed to the highest standards of excellence, since 2006, Enderun Colleges has had a continuous and uninterrupted academic partnership with Les Roches. In the first decade of the partnership, the academic association had a limited focus on hotel operations. In 2019, Enderun formalized and expanded the academic association with Les Roches to encompass the entire four-year undergraduate degree program. With this renewed and expanded academic association, hospitality students at Enderun Colleges have the guarantee that their four-year Bachelor in International Hospitality Management curriculum complies with stringent Les Roches Academic Association Quality Standards.

Enderun and Les Roches

Both Enderun Colleges and Les Roches share the vision of preparing students for leadership positions in the global hospitality industry. It is no coincidence that Enderun has several Les Roches alumni occupying key positions in its organization. Their experiences and lessons learned at Les Roches have been instrumental in forging this academic association and have proven invaluable in creating the conditions and structure to provide Enderun students with hospitality education and training at an international standard.

With the Academic Association with Les Roches, Enderun students are assured that essential aspects of program curriculum, faculty development and course delivery, learning resources, and student experience are aligned with the standards set by Les Roches. Moreover, Enderun taps into Les Roches’ worldwide industry links for internships and career placement for students and alumni.
The Les Roches Quality Assurance of the Enderun Colleges Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management degree provides the Enderun graduate with a competitive edge upon which to build a long and rewarding career in the hospitality industry.

How to Earn a Philippine Degree

With Enderun’s Academic Association with Les Roches, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management program have the option to complete their entire four-year course of study in the Enderun Colleges McKinley Hill campus in the Philippines.

How to Earn a European Degree?

Study at Enderun Colleges in the Philippines for two years to qualify to transfer to Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland for two more years to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management. You may alternately transfer to Marbella in Spain for two more years to earn a Bachelor in Business Administration (Hospitality).

Successful completion of the Enderun IHM Degree gives graduates access to the diverse and influential alumni network of Les Roches with 12,000 members in 130 countries around the world.

Enderun – Les Roches Articulation Agreement

Students in good standing of Enderun Colleges’ Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management have the option to progress to a degree program in either Les Roches-Crans Montana or Les Roches in Marbella, Spain.

For more information regarding Les Roches and its campuses, kindly visit https://www.lesroches.edu