October 2017

Thinking Inside the Box: Curated Cuisine

20 Oct Thinking Inside the Box: Curated Cuisine

A new joint venture named Revolution Pop will soon roll-out modular precrafted and custom-designed pop-up food outlets. These stand-alone structures are called BLOX, and they will grant restaurateurs, food franchisers, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and business owners a fast, easy and affordable way to enter...

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Enderun's Aboitiz Official Delegate

09 Oct Enderun’s Aboitiz Official Delegate

Congratulations to Enderun BSBA student, Ariel Joshua Devina Regidor, who is an official delegate for the 12th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit 2017, which will take place in Cebu City from 9-11 November. We are also proud to announce that Ariel has been qualified to...

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