Congratulations To All Enderun Students Who Participated In The 2012 Philippine Culinary Cup

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September 3, 2012

Chef Marc Chalopin (Left), Ducasse Institute Philippines Executive Chef and Chef See Cheong Yan (Right), Culinary head of Enderun Colleges, together with participants in the 2012 Philippine Culinary Cup. (Front Row) Cecilia Mina, Peepoy Gaerlan, Kim Ochoa, Noel Mauricio, Safa Rodas and Reyna Villan. (Back Row) Alex Bartholomi, Philip Salvador, Ian Ma, Miguel Arevalo, Mikki Buñag, Calvin Cu and Justin Baradas.

Congratulations to all Enderun Students who participated in the 2012 Philippine Culinary Cup

Safa Rodas & Noel Mauricio
Young Chefs Team (Gold)

Calvin Cu
US Beef (Gold)

Peepoy Gaerlan, Ceclila Mina and Kim Ochoa
Dream Team (Gold)

Avee Benasa
Sous Vide (Silver)

Alex Bartholomi
Australian Lamb (Silver)

Reyna Villan
Dress the Cake (Silver)

Ian Ma
Local Fish or Seafood (Bronze)

Mikki Buñag
Fantasy Desserts

Justin Baradas, Miguel Arevalo & Mikki Buñag
Filipino Cuisine

Philip Salvador
US Pork

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