Enderun is home to world's first Ducasse Institute outside of France

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May 9, 2012

19 April 2012 (Manila, Philippines) Enderun Colleges and Ducasse Education jointly inaugurated the first Ducasse Institute outside of France.

At a ceremony held at Enderun's Culinary Center, the two institutions launched the Ducasse Institute Philippines, the academic partnership known formerly as ADF+Enderun when it was established in 2007. The ceremony was led by Mr. Javier Infante, Enderun Colleges' Co-founder and President, Mr. Jack Tuason, Lead Founder and Trustee of Enderun Colleges, and Mr. David Saedi, CEO of Ducasse Education.

The launch reflects Alain Ducasse Formation (ADF)'s mandate of establishing institutions that transmit Alain Ducasse's vast knowledge and expertise in culinary arts. With its evolution into Ducasse Education in 2011, the group carries out its worldwide mission through the establishment of Ducasse Institutes in target countries. Alain Ducasse, one of the most highly respected chefs in the world, is responsible for simultaneously running numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, including famous three-starred restaurants in three cities: Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London.

Enderun affirms this commitment through the establishment of the Ducasse Institute Philippines, which brings together the shared expertise of Enderun Colleges and Ducasse Education in offering cutting-edge culinary education to the Philippines and Asia.

The five years of academic partnership between Enderun and Alain Ducasse Formation have already proven to be very successful. These culinary programs are the result of extensive collaboration among Chef See Cheong Yan, Enderun's Culinary Head, Chef Marc Chalopin, Ducasse Institute Philippines Executive Chef, and numerous Ducasse Education chefs. The courses mix theory and hands-on classes and allow Enderun students to take their internships in noted Alain Ducasse restaurants worldwide, as well as in the Centre de Formation d'Alain Ducasse in Paris, France. The exceptional kitchen experience that the students are sure to gain, coupled with the maturity and discipline that comes with independence, gives them the edge to be highly sought after in the industry.

Since 1999, Alain Ducasse Enterprise has operated training centers that share the knowledge and expertise that Alain Ducasse and his chefs have accumulated through their endeavors worldwide. These training centers have provided opportunities for aspiring students to take advantage of the best available education in the field. To date, Ducasse Education serves the education and training needs of over 3,500 students and practitioners every year. Ducasse Education develops accessible and internationally-oriented educational establishments focused on cultivating excellence in the practice of culinary and pastry arts, and makes it the first reference in the minds of students and educators worldwide. To achieve this goal, the Ducasse Education group was created, with the mission of educating and preparing the next generation of top professionals, wherever they may be around the world.

In the ceremony, Ducasse Education also presented Enderun Colleges with the Ducasse Institute Award of Excellence, "in honor of achieving the highest standards of culinary instruction as a partner of Ducasse Education."

Enderun Colleges is proud to be the home to the first Ducasse Institute outside of France and its regional hub in Asia. This recognizes the leadership of the College, and the Philippines, as a benchmark in culinary arts education in Asia. We are proud to share this milestone with our students, who have most to gain from the partnership," says Infante.

"One of Alain Ducasse's desires has always been the creation of a strong educational institution for the transmission of his knowledge and expertise, and to provide the opportunity for aspiring students to take advantage of the best available education in this field. Enderun Colleges is now home to the first Ducasse Institute outside of France and we are especially happy that this development is happening in such a diversified and interesting country as the Philippines. Ducasse Education is very glad to guide all those willing to strengthen their culinary skills, with a single motto in mind: Excellence in Practice," says Saedi.

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